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Assalamualaikum and hello! My name is Mieza Everdeen and I am the landlady here responsible on the well-being of this website. I am a beauty enthusiast, I love makeup and skincare that I found solace spending my time with them. Thus, I dedicate most of my writings related to beauty topics, but sometimes I do write other topics like hiking + running, my previous foundation (TESL, UiTM) and degree (English for Professional Communication, UiTM) studies, events I attended, tech/entertainment stuffs, places I visited and foods I found worth sharing. 

Beauty Profile
skin colour : sporty tan
skin concern : acne | oily skin | large pores | anti-ageing
skin type : combination of dry (cheeks) and oily (t-zone)

Short-sightedness : -3.75
Astigmatism : yes
(I use both spectacles and contact lenses)

I Don't Use :
Hair coloring products | Shampoos for colored hair
Nail colors and all its top coat, base coat anything related
Hair extension | eyelash extension | eyebrow embroidery

In the sports department, I'm currently an active hiker and half-marathon runner and I participate in obstacle runs as well. I'm now slowly planning to start venturing into wall/rock climbing too. You can also take me caving, I'll love it so much! I was also an archer, I played outdoor archery and it is (still) my anti-depressant ;) I am looking forward to get back into martial arts (I used to be in silat) but my current schedule does not permit me to do so, let's wait till I graduate my master's degree and then I'll register myself into MMA classes!

As an outdoorsy person, I love getting active with physical activities and I am quite a well balanced person in pretty much everything I do. 

When I am home, I love relaxing in dim lighting with a scented candle burning. I spend time watching movies, reading fantasy novels (I love everything about witches, assassins, dragons, and weapons), sewing cross-stitch designs and cuddling with my cat Bob. 

I am a Muslim residing in Malaysia, and I hope that my readers or anyone who visits this blog will understand that I am bound to several special responsibilities as a Muslim. I dont publicly expose my body parts that are considered as aurah for any reasons, hence I cannot provide detailed images for some specific reviews, i.e : hair products (I cannot show the before and after condition of my hair). 

I hope that my blog serves as a resourceful site for worldwide readers. I'd like to stress that all reviews in my blog, no matter sponsored or not, are always and will forever be my most honest opinion as a user of the product/service. To understand the nature of my posts better, please check the label(s) mentioned. Sometimes I do edit my photos, but for skincare product/service reviews you will see my actual (facial) skin condition. Yes, that means I am not flawless and sometimes I have insecurities of not being a porcelain beauty. Who isn't anyway :p  

All pictures in this blog are mine unless stated, and if you are to borrow any of my pictures you should contact me first for permission and credit me in the article(s) you're using the image(s). 

About Me

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