Silkygirl : Party Princess or Prom Queen ?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

i have been delaying this post for quite some time. part of me was screaming "just post it!!" and the other half whispered "wait for the pictures dear". so yeah, with my super duper busyness as a dedicated EPC student, i succeeded in procrastinating from doing all my blog posts. but not today, as i'm already home for Gawai break. So, here's the story (^_^)

at first i saw this banner at Silkygirl's facebook page
saying that girls around KL/Selangor can contact Silkygirl if they are interested in this event 
as a girl who loves makeup (but dunno how to apply)
i told myself there's no harm to try my luck
so i sent my contact info to them
and several days afterwards i received a call from Silkygirl's representative, Jolyn
i was on cloud 9 at that moment, and i agreed on the spot to attend this event
yeah, i had been going through a hell of weeks so, i need some fun

received this after my confirmation to attend this event

the event was held at The Bee, Jaya One
the atmosphere of that cafe was really comforting
the interior was something i haven't found elsewhere

oopsie, who's that ? hehe
 Silkygirl's crew during that day was extra helpful and friendly, and my awkwardness melted the moment we shake hands
everybody were given a sticker badge to be worn, with our names on it

and what makes me even happier was upon seeing the treasures
tons Silkygirl makeups were creatively propped on our tables, with a mirror for everyone 

new shades of duo eyeshadow, mascara, precision sharp eyeliner, eyebrow liners

makeup removers, face mist

of course, dont forget our helpful cotton buds and cotton pads!

lipsticks, lip glosses, new Skin Perfect CC 2-way Foundation

le mirror mirror
my BFF, the BB Cream
the event first started with some commercials for the newly launched products of Silkygirl
Precision sharp eyeliner pen, Skin Perfect CC 2-Way Foundation and new shades of Duo Eyeshadow

then it was followed by a make-up tutorial by Silkygirl's MUA named Dee
*she was very talented, her hands worked like magic!

and at the same time we girls were also given the opportunity for a hands-on makeup experience

the foods provided was superb, and i felt like visiting The Bee again

after that there was a group photoshoot for everyone

reminds me of Burlesque

 the event ended at 6pm and we girls were given each a goodie bag from Silkygirl
and i am not lying when i say Silkygirl was very generous!
here's what i found in my little blue bag 

what's in that cute box ?
  • 1 Precision Sharp Eyeliner pen in Blackest Black
  • 2 Skin Perfect CC Foundation in Neutral and Nude
  • 1 BB Cream in Neutral
  • 1 Duo Eyeshadow in Golden Jade

since i have tried all the new products during that event, i would like to say that :
the CC Foundation is currently the best i have ever used besides Silkygirl's BB Powder
the precision sharp eyeliner worked great coz it was very easy to apply
yeah i was surprised that i liked this eyeliner very much as i never preferred pen liners before
 and for the duo eye shadows, i swear the colours were very pretty with long staying power
i just can't resist myself, so i bought another pair of the new duos (hehehe)
Purple Storm, which is absolutely pretty !

its currently RM13.90 in Guardian, grab yours now girls !!
 these are my current Silkygirl collection

 and i have the intention to grab some more like another duo eyeshadows, Funky Eyelight pencils, BB Powder and their purple mascara. i have used these items before and they are just too awesome, i can't resist them. 
besides, i can proudly say that my first makeup items were from Silkygirl
the long-wearing eyeliner in blackest black, liquid foundation and the compact powder in pink and green casing

so i would like to thank Silkygirl for inviting me to this event
and also, for being the first brand that has taught me about the importance and the fun makeups could offer to a girl. 

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  1. COOLNESS!!!!! >..< always wanted to go to these kinds of occasion but nv really had the chance or the effort to actually go. silky girl's mascara is my favourite as well. :))

  2. hi lisa :) i never liked wearing mascaras until i tried silkygirl's colourful mascaras. hehe~

  3. hi..just bumped onto your site from Sarah Hassan's blog..loved the way you have presented the details of event! i always wish to be a part of such events..following you now .Would be rally happy if you can drop by mine sometime...

  4. hello Sukanya, thanks for visiting my blog :) i'll drop by at ur site, dont worry ya (^_^)

  5. hello Sukanya, thanks for visiting my blog :) i'll drop by at ur site, dont worry ya (^_^)

  6. it was a pleasure meeting you! i had fun! best kan! my favorite is the eyeliner! <3

  7. Seems exciting to me! can't wait to join such events :)


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