August 3rd, 2012

Friday, August 03, 2012

today, uitm babies received their last semester's result. mine was okay, the graph went perfectly constant, no dive no hike. it is 3.65, like what i received for my first semester doing EPC in UiTM Shah Alam :D alhamdulillah, i am very grateful towards the Almighty for His surprise. i sincerely expected a dive in my pointer as i felt that the courses were much more difficult than last semesters'. I scored 2As, 4A-, 1B+ and 1B. the B+ was an accident as i flunked the second test for that subject by carelessly losing myself a perfect 20 marks =_='' but it's alright, i have learned from my mistakes and this should be a lesson for me, so that i will be more careful next time. there are some people, whom i feel very jealous towards them for their achievements. i wanna be as excellent as them. and i promise to myself that i will not let another 4 semesters pass without me getting more than them. i hope Allah will always guide me with His love and protection. ahaa, i would like to congratulate my closest girlfriends in shah alam ----> leen (3.9o seriously sooo damn high), wawa (3.5), ayu (3.8++), aini (3.77), maz (3.52) and iza (3.64). to farris and fafat, congrates for your 3.80 and i'll try harder next sem, i swear. to someone dear to me, you know who you are, (i dont wanna make your name public even though i have done it already in the past) congrates for the hike in your result ^_^  just so you know that i am always here to help, and thanks a lot too, for being there through thick and thin. i want you to attend the dinner on your own name, and i'll make sure you do it! to all my fellow friends from whatever courses you are, congratulations and be grateful coz there are always others who did not have the chance to pursue education like us. fret not, the journey is still long and we have a lot of time to amend what damage we had caused earlier. lastly, let the healthy competition begin !!!

leaving for battle

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  1. Congratulations my dear! Having healthy competition is normal for any average student, so keep at it. I will always pray for your well-being, because you're important to me ;)

  2. thanks aainaa :) doakanlah yg terbaik utk kita ^_^ and yes, you're my number one favourite girl for sure!!

  3. congratulations for your highest achievement! strive for more next time. mana tau boleh dapat 4 flat pulak.yang penting, usaha.selamat berpuasa =)

  4. thanks kak zafirah :) insyaAllah, i'll try harder next time for better achievements, do pray for me and selamat berpuasa to u too sis ^_^


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