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Monday, September 17, 2012

assalamualaikum and hello ^_^ alhamdulillah last friday i finally got my own room, after five days of waiting. Allah knows best, He gave me a ground floor room of four, with 100% new furniture set. the moving in part was the most exhausting moment as there were only two of us, me and my buddy mazlina. our room had just been renovated. new furniture moved in, new coats of paint (pastel pink color) and the railing for curtain is not even there yet. so dont ask me how i put the curtains on, hehe #survival skills. mazlina and i did the whole cleaning process, we swept the floor, mopped it for three times, cleaned the windowpanes and the new-but-dusty furniture. even the bed and the still-wrapped-in-plastic mattress are dusty and need to be wiped with wet cloth. after four hours only we managed to get the cleaning part done and had our possessions taken from the old room we stayed in. i had 3/4 of my stuffs in my ex-roommate's room at another building so mazlina and i were very lucky to find a very big trolley to be used during the moving-in process. besides, we were also very lucky to have the elevator working finely during fetching my stuffs on the second floor. another 2 person in this room are yet to surface from darkness, i dont know them and they were not originally from this college, coz they're quantity surveying students from Anggerik college. these are a few pictures of my new room and the fully loaded trolley we used to carry our stuffs ^_^

harta benda of two

my place

locker : one for each

mazlina's place

soft board, white board, book shelf

inside the locker

overall, i'm impressed with the changes. about the locker, i wonder how not-so-tall people are gonna reach for the topmost shelf easily. a 156cm lady like me have to climb through my bed's railing to really utilize the top shelf. or in a civilized way, use the chair. the mirror is also placed at a higher level than usual, and my friend over here is having difficulty as she is shorter than me, hehe. however, there are a lot of other aspects that the management department need to seriously take care of, especially in the maintenance of the toilets and shower rooms. leakages and flooding is happening here and there (T_T) insyaAllah, i will find myself a free time to make a report as soon as possible so that they can fix the problems. again, thank you Allah for giving me the room, thank you dear friends and readers for your prayers to ease my problems here, may god bless us all ^_^

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  1. Cool! Everything is new eyh! Love the wall color! I miss living in hostel..really... :( now i live in an apartment with a full time working ladies..its just not the same...

  2. yeah everything is new but it's rented by uitm so, kena handle with extra care. owh, i thought u're renting the apartment with ur classmates.. i x penah sewa luar lagi so xtau camne environment.

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