DocLab Premium Face Ampoule Review

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello readers! I was given the opportunity to try this famous DocLab Premium Face Ampoule from Korea and I must say that I was at first quite sceptical. Why? Because I have been through several ampoule tryouts and all they did was burn my pocket instead of showing some goodness to my skin. I really did not have high expectation at the beginning towards this DocLab Premium Face Ampoule but to me, everything is worth trying especially if there are already so many positive reviews.

DocLab Premium Face Ampoule comes in a box of 5 tiny glass bottles containing highly concentrated hyaluronic acid  that promises wonders to your skin. Each glass bottle contain 2ml of product that is meant for 1 time use. The ampoules are hygienically packed in the glass bottles with airtight seal and a cap. Talking about convenience, the glass bottles look and feel so fragile but if you properly pack them for travel it won't easily break. The cap is actually easy to open but me being a too careful kind of person, I had a tough time figuring it out because I was so scared that I might accidentally break the bottle, but that never happened la, it was just me being silly XD

I actually spent 10 days to finish these ampoules because I have a very small face and half bottle of the ampoule was more than enough to cover my entire face. So I used 1 bottle for morning and evening. The ampoule has a very runny, water-like consistency and make sure you securely cup your palm when pouring it out from the tiny bottle or else it can spill all over. It is colourless and does not have any weird or funny smell to it, and it takes a few seconds to completely dry. Upon drying, the DocLab Premium Face Ampoule does not leave any sticky feeling to my skin and surprisingly my skin felt so smooth and bouncy right after application. 

Below are the recommended practice of massaging the DocLab Premium Face Ampoule onto your skin and the promised benefits by DocLab.

It is advised to use DocLab Premium Face Ampoule after cleansing and toning, before your moisturizer and that was exactly the step I did during my trial session. I found that the ampoule did the following miracles to my skin :
  • moisturizes skin very well throughout the day
  • reduces my flaky skin and redness
  • makeup application was smooth
  • face was less oily
  • skin feels smoother and bouncier 
  • no skin irritation

I really love the effects I experienced after using this ampoule and I definitely would recommend it to anyone who is looking to repair their skin moisture level and for overall skin health. However, the effects I experienced only lasts while I used the ampoule. This means that users will always must have the ampoules in stock to ensure that it can take care of their skin. 

For August 2016, DocLab is running a promotion whereby your first box purchase would be at normal price of RM138 and your second box will be priced at RM108 (RM30 discount for twin pack promo). You can contact the authorized agent at 0192062386 for more information!

Till then and thank you for reading ^_^

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