Gingko Natural Skincare Review

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Assalamualaikum and hello! If you're suffering from dry skin problem then you've come to the right article coz I'm about to share my thoughts on this wonderful set of skincare that I've tried for almost two months. 

A bit of introduction on Gingko Natural. This leading Korean skincare range hits Malaysian market through the e-mall 11street and their main promise is to nourish skin to keep it feeling fresh and lively. Curated under the cosmetic giant Charmzone, Gingko Natural is an all-natural range of skincare products available across 20 countries such as China, Japan, USA and now Malaysia.

As you can see in the pictures below, Gingko Natural believes in simple skincare steps which is cleansing - toning - moisturizing to take care of the skin. 

Their cleansing tissue claims to be able to remove makeup and is suitable for all skin types. I have combination skin and I did not experience any allergies with this cleansing tissue at all. It is able to remove my makeup and also waterproof mascara but just to be sure, I will do double cleansing with proper facial cleanser afterwards. The main reason I'm loving this cleansing tissue is that it is not bulky at all and fits perfectly in my handbag whenever I need emergency facial cleansing while I'm out and about. It is also useful during the days where I put on light makeup as I can be perfectly sure that I don't need to run a cotton pad soaked with micellar water to see if the makeup residues are all gone. 

The skin toner is my current favourite toner of all that I've tried simply because of its amazingly soothing properties to my skin. I have been experiencing dry spots on several parts of my skin due to acne gels and I think Gingko Natural skincare range has been helpful in toning down the redness and dryness on my face. This skin toner claims to balance skin pH after cleansing and tighten pores. In my experience, the toner does not irritate my skin at all (some toners did sting my face) and it does make my skin feel refreshed after cleansing.

As per the advice of Korean skincare steps, essence comes after toner and Gingko Naturals claim that their essence and emulsion work best together for moisturizing the skin. The essence performs to lock in moisture and repair the skin. These two have been helping me a lot in warding off the dry flakes on my skin. Before using these two, I used to experience difficulties in applying makeup due to dry spots on the sides of my nose and on my cheeks. I realized that I did not experience that difficulty anymore after one week ++ of using this range.

You might wonder if the essence would be too heavy for oily skin, right? Well, my experience says otherwise. The use of this emulsion on my skin so far does not contribute to excess skin oiliness especially during the day. It is light enough to be used under makeup and Malaysia's unforgiving hot-humid tropical climate is able to tolerate this emulsion as moisturizer. However I tried using this emulsion only as a night cream and slept with my AC switched on, I found that the emulsion is not enough to keep skin supple when I wake up, hence if you sleep with aircond on I suggest layering your skin with sleeping mask.

Gingko Natural have been thoughtful enough to include eye cream in their line and I have nothing bad to say about this either. It does its job in moisturizing my under eyes, I wear this at night only and it's helpful in reducing my eye's puffiness. I don't really have bad under-eye lines or eyebags so I am in no place to say anything about that. 

In conclusion, I found that Gingko Natural skincare range that I have tried above are definitely suitable for users looking for a simple, natural range of products for moisturising their skin. The products come with only one purpose and promise, which is to nourish and keep skin feeling fresh and my personal trial on them proved that these products live up to their promise :) if you're interested, Gingko Natural products are available on 11street for purchase. 

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  1. wow, the cleansing tissue looks perfect for my facial routine, especially for on the go. it's a natural-based product! You said it is not bulky and suitable to slip into a handbag too, so that's a bonus! Do you think it is okay for heavy makeup too? Would love to buy it on 11street soon!


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