Unboxing Althea's Birthday Box

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It has been two years since I first learned about Althea and look at them now, oh how well they've grown in an absurdly short span and how known they are across the globe! In conjunction of their recent 2nd birthday, I was among the lucky ones to be given the opportunity to splurge on some Althea goodies and here's an unboxing post about my Althea birthday loots ^_^

First off, I chose to get this newly launched Dr Belmeur Spot Patch Kit because why not try another new anti-imperfection line since my skin is breaking out badly, right? This big pack comes with 2 sachets of hydrocolloid band and 1 sachet of spot plaster band. The hydrocolloid patches are the same acne spot patch like any other brands selling at the pharmacies. The spot plaster bad however is still a mystery coz I haven't opened them yet. 

I'm fairly happy to see that the pack is resealable. I can worry less about contamination since the smaller packs aren't resealable. 

Another item that I got from Dr Belmeur line is the Spot Calming Ampoule, which is supposed to work as acne banishing serum. Chucking an item this expensive into my cart was a real bet as I dont know whether it will work or not on my skin. As you all might already know, skincare is a tough try. Some might work well on some people and some might turn out useless on some people. 

It comes with a dropper type cap but when the serum is already a quarter way to the bottom, the dropper can be deemed useless as it won't reach the liquid level. You'll have to pour it straight onto your palm to finish the entire serum. However, this dropper is pretty much excellent as it helps user to adequately dispense product on their palm. 

I'm a sucker for hair oils because my hair is dry and frizzy. Since I just finished my Mise-en-Scene perfect repair serum that I also got from Althea, I think it's high time for me to try a different brand and I got myself this CFC Lab Argan Glow Hair Oil (grapefruit scent). 

I kid you not, this 110ml bottle is gonna last me for quite some time and I am so in love with it at this moment. It comes with a pump nozzle as well but I prefer dispensing the oil directly onto my palm. The scent is mild, comforting and the effect of this oil on my tresses is major love!

I never tried any eye patches in my entire life before so I decided to bag one home and try whether it is worth the hassle or not. I'm attracted to this Petitfee Ruby & Bulgarian Rose eye patch not only because the price is cheap but also because I'm a sucker for bulgarian rose scent and because the packaging is pink. Yeah I know, it sounds so typical when a girl loves pink..

Here's how they layer the eye patches inside the packaging. It is kept moist by the serum flooding in the tub and the hydrogel patches feel so comfy on the skin under my eyes. Definitely worth buying at its current price tag!

I saw a chocolate mask review from Sabrina Tajudin's blog and I thought why not try this one too even though it's a different brand. Actually I just wanna try something chocolaty on my face, haha! This Wonde Ruci Cacao Brightening Mask is suitable for people with pore problems and wants to remove dead skin layer in a sweet way. When it says brightening please dont think that I'm a white skin wannabe, coz I was born Malay and no, our ethnic does not have porcelain white skin. 

The disclaimer that I saw on Althea's website claimed that this mask can be used daily as it is a multi-function mask. Maybe I'll try using it daily for a few consecutive weeks and see how it fares. The mask is very sticky and it smells so heavenly chocolatey up to the extent that I wish I can spread it on bread and have it for supper XD

So yeah, that's all about my latest Althea 2nd birthday haul and I plan to do individual reviews on the items above as I have been enjoying them for some time and I have a fair share of final verdicts to tell. Will update the reviews as soon as I can and thanks for reading!

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