it's her birthday (^_^)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

assalamualaikum lovelies
well i dedicate this post to my beloved lecturer
Miss Siti Zuraina Gafar
she was the one who taught me when i was in TESL Foundation
the most dedicated educator i have ever encountered
she taught me things i can't see with naked eyes
she nurtured on me, 
the spirit i could never found without her being the trigger
and the most important
she was the one who made me realize the potential in me
she made me came back into reality
where i can be anyone i like if i know where and how to start

to Miss Siti
today is your birth anniversary
i want you to know that you're always my favourite lecturer
i'll never stop from praying for your well being
i'll always remember that you (and me) are forever 19
with the youthfulness frozen in time, though time never stops ticking
but the thinking will never stop from being awesome
and awesome it is

me and my awesome Miss Siti

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  1. Salam dik..ada contact number miss siti x?akak da lama lost contact dgn dia..nama akak farah diyana bt ismail..akak anak homeroom dia masa kt mrsm muadzam shah..nnti adik tlg sms/whatsapp contact no dia no akak,0175958126

    Tq in advance :)


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