childhood : blanket fort

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i stumbled upon this picture at tumblr

in a split second i remembered my childhood
where i always did the same, building the blanket fort
along with my brother amirul and sister nabilah
it was very funny and sweet too
we took all the blankets available at home
ours, mom and dad's
even the spare ones,in case of relatives staying in our house
then we took the chairs from our dining tables
and our little chairs too, three little chairs
yellow for me, green for mirul and purple for nabilah
dad bought it for us, and wrote our names under each chairs
so that we kids wont fight over the chairs
thoughtful daddy :')
then we will combine all the blankets together
using cloth pegs taken from the lines outside
(and mummy will start babbling about the disappearing cloth pegs, haha)
then tadaaa~ our blanket fort is done (^_^)
the 'story' will begin, we imagined about being somewhere away from home
camping in the wilderness, or some island
we'll bring food (take it silently from the kitchen)
and then we'll pretend to sleep
of course, it wasn't always cozy
haha, kids~
sometimes mummy will babble to us, for making such a mess
yeah, we built the fort after mummy cleaned the room
so, you can imagine how successful these three little kids were
in making a huge mess in the room
and oh yes, we always bullied the smallest one at that time, nabilah
she seldom get to sleep in the fort

i do hope
some day when i get married
i wanna do this blanket fort again
with my beloved husband
and of course, my future kids

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  1. i wanna do this with my future wife too. :D and so many other things. good call.

  2. uwaaa~ u brought back my awesome memories with this... ❀◕‿◕❀

  3. awang : put it in your "post-wedding-plan book" (^_^)

    shera darling : waa, u did this too ? :D

  4. never did that. haha , but sounds fun n maybe i should try it later :P

  5. played this all the time with my brother..we would have torch lights and kept some snacks inside, pretending we're lost in a forest..good old time :D

  6. mai : ramai rupanya share the same memories. hehe~
    nurin : nnt cuba ye darling ^^


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