Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set Review

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! I have been haunted by a disastrous hairfall problem since I did hair rebonding and I am still grateful that I didn't go bald due to my thick volume of hair. What an intro, hahaha! Seriously, hairfall wouldn't bother me except the fact that I have to sweep my room every two days. I've tried quite a few shampoo brands and sadly all the drugstore ones didn't work. Only one high-end brand works in helping my hairfall problem but I am too poor to buy the entire range yet, so here I am weeping and sweeping the messy tangles on my room floor.

Thanks to HiShop, I was given this new products from Bawang brand which is their Ladies Hair Fall Control Set consisting of a shampoo and a conditioner. As you can see in the picture above and below, this set comes in a gorgeous red colour theme but the shampoo and conditioner (product) are not red when I squeeze them out, or else it will look a bit scary but fun, hehe! So, before I proceed to telling you about my verdict, allow me to share with you on some facts about hair fall among ladies.

Reasons of hair fall :
  • Pregnancy : hormonal imbalance
  • Stress, depression, weight gain and weight loss : mental pressure affects nutrient absorption, hence the hair fall
  • Dyeing, perming and rebonding : I'm guilty as charged, I rebonded my crazy hair 2 years ago. Chemical contents of those procedures damage scalp and leads to hair fall.

This Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set is aimed to fight and reduce hair fall among women with its three layers properties as explained in the image above. Putting on the priority to help ladies get healthier and thicker hair, the principles of Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set are :
  1. Accelerate blood circulation
  2. Nourishing
  3. Pressure relief

My verdict :
Since I have been using this shampoo daily for a week, I think I can share a bit on whether it is working or not. First of all, let me explain on why I use it every day. A few months ago I attended a haircare workshop and one of the speakers there told me that, if I wet my hair and scalp during bath, I will need to shampoo because all the dirts and sweats will clog my scalp when placed under running water. Shampooing is the only way to remove them all and let my scalp breath. I wear a headscarf from morning to night (usually every day) and I cannot afford not washing my hair because my scalp will feel oily and sweaty when I arrive home, yes I walk and hike the hill to get back home every day hence the sweaty part. 

Ok back to the real verdict ^_^ this Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set really does its job. Day 1, I can say that I have 20 hair falls during bath and while combing my hair. Day 3, only around 11 hair fall (yes I counted my strands of hair fall as I cannot show you my hair due to religion restriction) and by day 7 when I comb my hair, there is only 5 to 6 hair falls. This shampoo works in controlling hair fall, period. 

I also noticed that along the course of using this Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set, my hair smells great and every day it feels softer than the usual coarse frizzy hair of mine. My hair also feels lighter and less tangle detected so all in all, Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set is a must try if you are having a hardcore hair fall problem. 

Thank you HiShop for sponsoring me such wonderful set, and thank you to you for reading ^_^ till then! 

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  1. I've been having a tragic hair loss too recently, and my hair is pretty dry, I wonder if this shampoo really can fix my hair loss a bit while not dripping away the moisture?...

    Good review tho =)

    1. Hi babe! So far it doesn't make my hair too dry, just nice. I think you might need a separate deep moisturizing hair masque for that dry hair problem? use this Bawang shampoo + conditioner and maybe try other brand's moisturizing hair masque later :)


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