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Monday, November 30, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! 

Since I've started working full-time, my skin is tired of being coated with heavy makeup (i.e : foundation) and sometimes I just wanna go out with a very thin layer of complexion enhancer just to look fresh and presentable but not too made up. During the days I have night classes after work, I tend to pack along a tube of tinted moisturizer or CC cream to replace my layer of day makeup as my skin hates to have full makeup on from 7am to 11pm, it's just not fun. 

So, when b.liv came out with a CC cream named CC Pores Away that promises to correct the skin complexion while protecting the skin and tightening the pores at the same time, I became among the most enthusiastic crowd to get my hands on it and see whether this CC Pores Away really delivers its promises. Here I'd like to announce that having this cute bottle of CC Pores Away is something that I wont regret because of some outstanding qualities it managed to prove to me as a user. 

Main Active Ingredients in b.liv CC Pores Away
  • Marula Oil : enriched with vitamin C, anti-oxidants, oleic acid to help rebuild skin barrier, provides in-depth hydration and repair scar, tightens pores.
  • Brown Algae : defence from UVA/UVB, anti-inflammatory, suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Red Algae : Vitamin E & SPD for anti-oxidant properties. Contains mucin to instantly moisturize and soften the skin layer.
As normally most CC cream would be, b.liv CC Pores Away is white in colour upon pumped out from the bottle. One thing I love about b.liv is that they always come with the most hygienic form of packaging (tube or pump bottle) which also usually allows users to have perfect control over the amount we'd like to dispense. I usually use one pump if I'm using this b.liv CC Pores Away as a base makeup and two pumps to build more coverage if I were to use it solely on its own. Based on the swatch below, the back of my hands became really fair because the amount used for this swatch was one full pump, which is equivalent to the need of one whole face.

I'm very much in love with this b.liv CC Pores Away especially when I use it as a base before my foundation. Apart from giving me an evened out complexion, I found that b.liv CC Pores Away holds my foundation perfectly from AM to PM, no matter how sweaty I get if I were to walk out under the sun, in which I did a lot on a daily basis. The sequence of my makeup application now would be b.liv CC Pores Away > foundation > loose powder. Done, and I have perfect makeup all day long, yeay! I have oily skin, but I only found myself blotting twice a day, in which I believe must be the doing of this b.liv CC Pores Away with its pore tightening abilities. 

When I use this b.liv CC Pores Away on its own during my no-heavy-makeup-days, I found that it helps me to look like I have a healthy complexion and it truly helps to diminish the appearance of large pores on the sides of my nose. This b.liv CC Pores Away also has a faint rose-like scent to it but it disappears quickly upon application. The cream settles very fast on my skin upon being blended and it does not feel greasy at all.

In conclusion, if you're new to CC cream or if you're finding a new bottle of CC cream to invest in, I highly recommend everyone to try this b.liv CC Pores Away because I've experienced its magic and I feel the need to spread this awesome news to everyone ^_^ I'm saying this not because I am given the opportunity to test the product, but because b.liv CC Pores Away really has proved itself to me and you should know that I don't blindly sugarcoat my words to anyone ;) good news, b.liv CC Pores Away is on discount at Hermo Malaysia, what are you waiting for? 

b.liv CC Pores Away | Complexion Correcting CC Cream
Available at : Hermo Malaysia
Price : RM 75 per 30ml 
Current sale price at Hermo : RM 51.89
Christmas Sale (1st - 29th Dec): http://bit.ly/1XtC1cA

Disclaimer : Product was sent for review purposes. However, opinions stated are 100% based on my own experience as a user.

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  1. WOW! babe, that's a huge smooth difference but one thing i am abit "iffy" about cc creams is they tend to be way to fair kan? :(

    1. yup the difference is amazing actually, but memang they're way too fair. however this one dia will fade the over-whiteness and later jadi macam skin tone kita :)


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