Aidijuma Scarf Machine Launch

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello peeps! Recently I was invited to witness the launch of Scarf Machine by Aidijuma. Wondering what exactly is a scarf machine? If you are aware of the current trend, you'll know the abundance of food trucks in our local landscape right? Well, Scarf Machine is a mobile truck shop selling Aidijuma bawal scarves from the various labels they have such as the Blue label, Black label, White label, Red lable, Pink label and Green label. The differences are in their prices and designs, which you can check at their website for respective categories :)

The founder of Aidijuma brand, Datin Norjuma Habib Mohamed said that this Aidijuma Scarf Machine initiative is a move by their company to get closer to their fans, especially those residing in states that does not have any Aidijuma physical stores yet. Their Scarf Machine will start its tour in Kedah before proceeding to other states. Updates on their whereabouts will be updated on Aidijuma's official Instagram page so keep your eyes peeled!

The ceremony of Aidijuma Scarf Machine was held at Piazza The Curve where there had a massive Aidijuma bawal scarf giveaway, crazy sale on certain labels and also a memorable show by our sweetheart songstress Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. As a first timer in watching her live performance, I can now say that she is indeed a terrific singer as her singing was effortlessly perfect! 

Congratulations to Aidijuma for the launch of Aidijuma Scarf Machine ^_^ I applaud their effort for being the first in launching a mobile shop for their scarves and I think it's quite noble of them for trying to get closer to their fans in this way. They're the breakthrough brand daring to experiment in this concept after food trucks, and I wish Aidijuma all the best in the long run.

P/s: This is my honest opinion after wearing Aidijuma bawal scarves (I now have 2 from the Black label). As someone who wears a headscarf, I found that Aidijuma's scarves are worth the price because they're pretty, comfortable to wear, easy to iron, and surprisingly the length and width is reasonable enough to perfectly cover my modesty. Before trying this brand, I thought it must be expensive and not wide enough but they proved my thoughts wrong :) Thank you Aidijuma team for inviting me to the launch event or else I'll never know how good and comfortable your bawal scarves are ^_^

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