Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2015-2016 : Is It Worth The Hype?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello readers! I was sent a copy of this Worthy Book Ladies Edition quite a while ago and I didn’t have the chance to utilize it until recently. If you’re not aware of its existence, Worthy Book is actually a book full of discount or cash coupons for you to use at participating outlets. Priced at RM25 per copy, it comes in different types such as Ladies edition like what I have now or the Food edition. My copy of Worthy Book Ladies Edition is filled with coupons from categories of fashion, spa/massage/facial, bust care, slimming, skin/body/hair care, manicure/pedicure, waxing/hair removal, healthy eats, health/wellness, online/mobile shopping. Coupons are either cash rebate, discounts, buy 1 free 1 offer or complimentary items coupons.

I first went to The Gardens because I wanted to utilize the Ecoparadise Antioxidant Hotbed Therapy coupon where I was supposed to get one complimentary session and then buy 1 free 1 session with my friend. However when I arrived there, the outlet is already closed like they’re out of business already as I saw from the semi-transparent glass window the inside is empty. So, there you go, I missed my chance this time but I might still be able to try it. It’s just that I need to find the other outlets which are quite far from my house and very inconvenient to me since they’re not connected with LRT or Monorail. So to cure my disappointment, I went and spent some money with other coupons that has outlets in Mid Valley Megamall. I was looking for a watch to replace my old one, but I couldn’t find anything at Ice Watch that catches my attention so I moved on to other coupons. 

One partner of Worthy Book Ladies Edition is TNS Skinlab, and the first two coupons allows me to get 58% off for a bar of Tilley Goat Milk Soap. I had a chat with the staff at TNS Skinlab, she was very friendly and helpful. She explained to me that Tilley Goat Milk Soap is for skin hydration and they have a wide range of other soaps for specific body/skin concerns. So, I grabbed a bar and only paid RM5.35 (including GST) instead of RM12. I also wanted to utilize another coupon for organic hair shampoo but the listed item is currently out of stock so I’ll give them a visit again soon to get it. 

Then I went to Xixili since it is my favourite undergarment brand and I gave the outlet a quick check and I remember that I need more sports bra since I’ve started running again this year (yes, boyfriend influence : he’s a marathoner). While walking to the fitting room, I saw some sleepwear in which I found cute and the material is uber soft I couldn’t get my mind off it so yeah, I took that one as well! I kid you not, these coupons are helpful since it helped me to get a few percent discounts and a few dollars off my total bill, I’m a happy girl already ^_^

There are many other brands in this Worthy Book Ladies Edition that I’m looking forward to utilize their coupons before the expiry date. I hope I’ll have enough time and mobility to do so! I have my eyes on the pearl bracelet and pearl earrings at Habib Jewels, dresses form Mydressroom, Decleor facial, Bubblegum Wax services (this is my favourite wax parlour), and steam bath treatment at Glow & Glamour coz it’s located nearby my office ^_^

In my opinion, this Worthy Book Ladies Edition is worth buying if you are the type of smart shopper who prefers the discounted rate rather than paying the full price. It is not a book of coupons to get totally free items or services, you will have to pay at least half the price to get the listed services/items but there are around 30% coupons that give out totally free items/services so, it’s not disappointing at all. If you are getting Worthy Book Ladies Edition for yourself and you want to redeem services especially, be a bit mindful and do give the spa/salon a call before you come to make sure that they are still operating at the address written in the Worthy Book. Don’t want the same incident to happen to you as what I experienced at The Gardens Mall, hehe! I suggest you bring a friend to redeem a buy 1 free 1 service so that you both can split the cost, because for most B1F1 offers, they give out discounted rates too and it’s not gonna be too expensive for you to bear the cost alone. I cannot wait to get my hands on the 2016/2017 Worthy Book Ladies Edition in May and I hope they will come out with more amazing deals!

What do you think of coupon books like this? Will you spend on it or otherwise?

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