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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello readers! It's been quite a while that I had the opportunity to review my current skincare routine. Since I am having quite a hectic lifestyle at the moment, I am all up for the simplest steps of skincare and makeup routine that is not only compact but complete for my skin's needs. Since I was introduced to Dr Irma Skincare, I honestly think that the product offerings are enough to take care of my skin as its combination of cleanser, vitamin C serum and foundation has proven its efficiency in doing so. 

My first step of skincare routine would be cleansing using Dr Irma Radiant White Cleanser. Some people have to use different cleansers for morning and evening but to me, this one tube is gentle enough for morning use and also powerful enough for evening cleansing after makeup removal. Dr Irma Radiant White Cleanser is enriched with grape seed and cactus extract for brightening, whitening and skin repair. It is a mild cleanser that does not dry up your skin and even the most sensitive type of skin can trust this cleanser to not cause any skin irritation. 

I definitely have to agree with their promises as I did not experience and skin tightness after using this cleanser. My skin feels smooth, moisturised and clean. During the days that I wear makeup, I will use a cleansing brush together with Dr Irma Radiant White Cleanser to help in deep cleansing my pores. 

Dr Irma Radiant White Cleanser has a slight fragrance to it and it lathers well upon contact with water. It is advisable to squeeze the cleanser just the size of a pea as a little goes a long way. It is in the form of clear, transparent gel before it starts lathering. Please be reminded that it is better for users to remove their makeup first with makeup removers before proceeding to cleanse the skin with Dr Irma Radiant White Cleanser as to ensure proper skin cleansing especially in the evening. 

Next up comes these powerful duo, which is Dr Irma Radiant White Vitamin C Serum and Dr Irma Whitening BB Serum Foundation.

Dr Irma Radiant White Vitamin C Serum is a water based and packed with aloe vera that promises to heal acne, helps in skin whitening, reduces pigmentation and scar, reduces sebum production, hydrates skin and also helps in anti-ageing such as diminishing fine lines and promotes skin elasticity with continuous usage.

The serum is not too sticky nor too runny, it has a medium consistency and it smells like roses which kinda caught me by surprise as I had the expectation that vitamin C serum would carry a citrusy scent XD i love this serum as it absorbs super quickly and the stickiness fades but it gives me a smooth, bouncy canvas for my makeup application.  As this serum can be used day and night, it would be a very flexible product to be carried anywhere and it makes my skincare routine less complicated. The packaging is normal like any other serums, where the bottle cap comes with a dropper function to aid in product usage and it is hygienic too. Looking at the bottle, it reminds me of something from Lancome, hehe!

The last product in line would be Dr Irma Whitening BB Serum Foundation, which I can safely say as my number 1 favourite product of all three in this series. Wanna know why? It is just like magic to me and my skin! 

As you can see in the picture below, the swatch of Dr Irma Whitening BB Serum Foundation looks very pinkish and you might wonder how does it look on deep skin tones, am I right? You might think that people with dark/warm/medium skin tone would turn ashy/greyish after wearing it but believe me, it wont. Regardless of your skin tone, you can benefit from Dr Irma Whitening BB Serum Foundation as it is created to blend in well with all skin colours and enhances your beauty.

This foundation is water based and is infused with serum hence there is no need for you to worry on whether you should have a base of moisturizer before using the foundation. It glides on smoothly on my skin and buffing it up is easy with the help of a makeup brush. Don't worry if you forgot your sunscreen as this foundation comes with SPF35 to give you some sun protection. 

This Dr Irma Whitening BB Serum Foundation was created with aim to help beautify its users not only in the makeup department but also in skin healing too. The serum infused foundation contains high concentration of licorice and fruit extracts to help lighten skin tone, heals discoloration and pigmentation and it also helps in healing aggravated pimple on some people. The foundation is also friendly to people with oily skin as it contains the agents that help in sebum reduction and for dry skin users, the foundation is able to provide immediate hydration.

As I have been using the foundation for almost 2 weeks already, I can say that it is truly not irritating at all to my skin. It has been helping me to look fresh from 9 to 5 and I also realized that my skin's oiliness has reduced too. The foundation made my skin look bright, it does not oxidize or turn ashy as well by the time I came home from work. Sweating too does not melt the foundation as I already tested it when walking to work under the sun. 
All in all, I am truly happy with these three products from Dr Irma Skincare because so far they lived up to their promises, they don't irritate my skin and they have been successful in making me look my best every day. 

So, if you are on the lookout for new cleanser, serum and foundation, I would recommend you to give these three products a try because honestly, they made me lift up my sceptics on local products. Thanks for reading and please check out Dr Irma Skincare on their Facebook and Instagram links below ya ^_^

Dr Irma Radiant White Cleanser | RM68
Dr Irma Radiant White Vitamin C Serum | RM89
Dr Irma Whitening BB Serum Foundation | RM98

Facebook : fb.com/SerumDrIrma

Disclaimer : Product was sent for review purposes and have been tested for more than a week of usage on daily basis.  All opinions stated are purely based on my experience as a user. Results may vary on different skin types and concern.

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