Althea Red & Black Beauty Box Review

Friday, February 17, 2017

So, my favourite K-Beauty store Althea has been launching beauty boxes every month to kick the boring out of our lives. I'm among the lucky makeup addict who scored one of their Red & Black Beauty Box and I'm gonna share my loots here along with my thoughts on whether it is worth grabbing or not :) 

At the price of just RM121, Althea Red & Black Beauty Box came with 7 full-sized items and the total discount that I enjoyed was about 77% off the normal total price of all items. First of all, this deal was crazy enough to send all available boxes flying off Althea's shelf in no time because it was too good to pass. Althea's beauty box is not a random sampling program whereby you pay for trial sachets. They let you enjoy legit full-sized and original products that will last you for months!

The first item that I cracked open was this Clio Smokey Pro Layering Eye Palette (Limited Edition). As the name goes, this very sturdy palette has a dark, smokey shades offering and it comes with a dual ended brush. Upon swatching all of the shades, I found that the colour payoff are quite sheer but buildable upon layering. Without primer, they won't last on oily lids + hot Malaysian weather but with primer, the colours stay well. Removing them was easy peasy as I have tried using Biore makeup wipes, The Saem cleansing water and also Faith in Face cleansing oil and they all dissolved easily. 

I'm not yet a shading and contouring pro. The best I've tried was using a bronzer to shade my jaws. I have a diamond face shape and I'm quite thin on the physical aspect so I was told by many that I don't really need shading as my facial features are already quite prominent. When I saw these 2 Secret Key Face Fit Contour Stick, I couldn't help myself but squeal in delight because I really wanna learn to improve my shading and contouring skills. Both shades, dark and medium are perfect for my tanned skin and they're not hard to blend either. I only use my fingers and a contouring brush to blend these two properly. I still have a lot to improve but in my opinion these two are perfect for beginners like me! Oh, these sticks are so fat they would last you for quite some time :)

Truth be told, I have long stopped using liquid eyeliner because I have one of the most unsteady and non-artistic hand to draw a proper winged liner and seeing unbalanced black lines on my lid is among the biggest frustration I don't want to handle early in the morning before work. However, I told myself to (wo)man up and get back in the eyeliner game. So, I did. This Me7 Waterproof Colourful Liner is one hella awesome eyeliner to own and use! It doesn't bleed, it doesn't transfer and it stays true on my lids for a good 8 hours. Removal process was easy too as there was no scrubbing involved. Makeup cleansing water works enough to clean it off my lids. Get one for yourself please, you'll do your lids a favour!

Your brows speak for you before you can even open your mouth. Althea Red & Black beauty box gets your brows covered with Witch's Pouch Dual Brow Pencilcara. I have always loved using a brow mascara for my brows because that's the fastest way to make the sisters look equally presentable and it can be done anywhere too provided I have a mirror to look at. Seeing that this dual brow pencil comes with mascara and auto-pencil for precise drawing and shaping, it has become one of my makeup pouch essential due to its versatility. I no longer need to carry a separate brow mascara and a separate brow pencil, yeay!

This Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in Grapefruit Jelly is as lovely as its name. The soft, cushiony feel of it makes me feel happy upon swatching the colour. The shade appears as a soft salmon-pink that unfortunately doesn't really show off well on my brown skin. 

Red has always been my favourite lip colour and this lip cream is my number one favourite among the 7 items in this Red & Black beauty box. Called the Mata Hari shade, this Mat Fix Matt Lip comes with a doe-foot applicator for easy and precise application on lips. Though the name is matt, this lip cream appears shiny and velvety at first. It only turns soft matte after the colour dries but it doesn't suck moisture out of my lips which is an absolute plus point. The colour on my lips turned to be of fiery red and not so vampy dark. It stays put throughout the day too, surviving meals with little fading. Major love ^_^

I hope you enjoy my descriptions and quick review on all the items I received in Althea's Red & Black Beauty Box. I personally love this beauty box concept and I am glad that Althea team has been creatively changing the themes every month. They never failed to surprise us with extremely awesome offerings as their beauty boxes are always cheap but filled to the brim with precious selections. So, do keep your eyes peeled on Althea's updates about their upcoming beauty box and get yourself at least 1 box okay?

Thank you Althea for making the beauty box purchase awesome again!

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  1. I had been considering to grab one of their box and this post made me wanting it more.. !


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