Matte Lipstick Tips

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Those who aren’t familiar with the hype of matte lipstick online might have never used it before. However, if it’s not alien to you then it must be because you’re aware of matte lipstick’s popularity and how others love it. Wondering why? It’s because matte lipstick has extreme staying power upon application and it stays longer on your lips than a normal lipstick swipe.  Moreover, matte lipstick usually comes with vibrant quality shades and would be very versatile to be worn to weddings or long-winded events. Matte lipstick however needs a specific application style to ensure it stays longer so let’s check the tips out :

Lip Moisture
Matte lipstick usually sucks the moisture out of lips so one has to ensure that their puckers are smooth and well-hydrated. It is recommended to ensure good water intake to get smooth lips and exfoliation can be done too with suitable lip scrub. After exfoliation, it is better to coat your lips with lip balm to ensure its smoothness.

Line Your Lips
With the help of a lip pencil, draw around your lip lines to serve as a guide for matte lipstick application. It would help to avoid messy application with your choice of matte lipstick so lining the lips will be a good start. This trick is especially helpful for those experimenting with matte lipstick for the first time.

One Layer is All You Need
As explained, matte lipstick has a very vibrant colour payoff and it is best to apply only one layer on your lips. More than that would probably make it uncomfortably sticky and the extra layer of matte lipstick on your lips could’ve dried a lot worse. If you’re new with matte lipstick, you might want to try using lip brush from your makeup brush set as it is specially designed as an applicator to ease lipstick application.

So, these are the easiest tips that one can follow for a smoother matte lipstick application. It takes time to learn for your makeup to finally appear flawless so, practice makes perfect. Let’s wear it matte!

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