semester 2 : MIP Concept Paper

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

i will never forget how much i suffered during my second semester as EPC student. the workloads were not funny, and with the aid of procrastination i made myself the most stressed student :D *silly me* Well, not actually the most stressed as i managed to finish everything, i did not skip any assignments and i got good group mates (although sometimes people can be the nastiest pain in the ass, including me). alhamdulillah, i completed my second semester with heaps of life lessons. i met people i don not really like working with, i met people who gave me a 'slap' of reality of who i really am, i met people who always looked very relaxed till they sometimes made me pissed off of their carefree-ness :P and the most important thing, i met people who made me see the world and life better than my initial thought. i also got new classmates, and some old classmates changed their groups, for fun ? i dont know, hehe.. i just wanna show some pictures of how messy my second semester was, or was it just me and my friends ? naah, i dont care. the reason i snapped those pictures was because i wanna show it here. it was taken during the completion of our bloodiest assignments, the most stressing and confusing, till it made us felt like "what am i learning actually?". even other class's lecturer said "if you felt dizzy learning this, it shows that you are on the right track" wtf ? hahaha!

okay these are the pics of me and my groupmates (farris, ijat, maz) during the final touch-up of our Multimedia Instructional Project Concept Paper, in the super crowded library at the engineering tower (PTAR 3). unfortunately on that day we had to sit on the floor, between the aisles as all the tables were occupied already :'( we actually have another lady in the group, fatin fatinah @ fafat but due to her health condition she couldn't attend the party. we had to do something like a paperwork or framework or whatever it is called, of an instructional CD that we are going to develop later on our third semester. we had to read the boring textbook (black and small fonts on grey paper, with messy diagrams here and there, no fancy colors no images whatsoever, very thick) and 'understand' the 'easy' instructions then make our own concept paper. it took us the whole semester, week by week progress and my group's paper was wrongly made since the beginning XD okay it wasn't that bad actually, we were just wrong at the diagram parts, whereas on the essay parts were all marvelous ^_^ I really hope to get an A for this subject, please~

farris and ijat playing games =_=''

the diagram, always giving us major headache

mazlina : concentrating

our "nest" from 11am till 4pm

farris hulking

multimillion dollar smile from ijat

somebody stinks so much ? sape tak mandi ni weyy ??

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  1. I totally agree. 2nd Semester was like a 4month grueling training boot camp. It was awful.

    But anyways, congratulations on finishing all your assignments! And don't worry about other people, they'll get along once they've known you :) You're a good friend

  2. i think i'll prefer boot camp over semester 2 :D

    you too nad, i believe we all did a great job after all, no matter how difficult it was ^_^ thanks for the advice, you're fantastic !!


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