semester 2 : pre-final and post-final

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

some random pictures of what happened or what i did before the final exam, and some pictures i managed to snap after final exam, july 2012 :)

ate a can of tuna while studying Sociolinguistics

watching EURO (final) during Language & Comm. exam night =_=''

buying ice-cream from the uncle (last day of final exam)
some classmates eating ice-cream, early hall levers XD 

straight after the last paper, went to watch movie at JJ Bukit Raja, bought some sushi and mash potato

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  1. Didn't know you're a football fan too!

  2. i am a fan of watching football game, but not a real die-hard football team fan. hehe.. suka tengok je, tak penah jd hardcore fan for any specific team :D

  3. That's a huge bowl of mashed potato you're eating right there.. :D

  4. yeah baby, i bought the large one. i love mashed potato so much, hehe


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