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Thursday, July 19, 2012

assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera and salam 1 Malaysia to all :) well, this post is specially dedicated to those who will be registering in UiTM Shah Alam this September for English for Professional Communication (EPC) degree, especially my juniors from UiTM Lendu. Anyway, other courses' students are also welcome to read and ask anything (but don't ask me about your course or faculty as i might not know anything about it), insyaAllah i'll try to answer your questions. okay, lets get started !

1. important documents
make sure you have these documents or its copies  :
a) IC and birth certificates- yours, mom's, dad's
b) payslip - mom and dad
c) your own X-ray film and medical checkup report
d) PTPTN documents ready (printed on 80gsm paper, signed, setem hasil xyah matikan)
e) UiTM registration documents ready
f) passport pictures (minimum 12pcs)
g) 3 copies of PLKN certificate (pengecualian koku semester 1)
Bring along copies yang dah disahkan by pegawai berkenaan and also copies yg tidak disahkan.

2. Registration day at Kolej Mawar, UiTM Shah Alam
     For social science & business students, you will be registering on September 2, Sunday.  during that day, your parents car will not be parked at the college. everyone will be directed to padang kawad, park your car there, unload your belongings and get on the bus with other families. yes, UiTM's bus. the bus will bring you straight to Kolej Mawar.

      the moment you step down from the bus, you will be given random room keys from the registration personnel. if you want to be in a room (4 pax) with your friends, refuse the key given to you and say "thanks, but i'm waiting for my friends coz we want to be in the same room". please arrive at the same time or wait till all four of you are there (ada khemah menunggu) and then only you approach the registration personnel, tell them that you guys want to be in the same room and she'll give you four room keys. easy :) please have courtesy with the personnel in order to avoid complications on the first day.
     you will probably have no time to switch on your laptop during orientation week. if you have to bring it (in case rumah jauh, tak praktikal nak balik selalu) please keep it safe, locked in your locker. you can wrap it in kain batik and letak la bawah lipatan kain baju kalau boleh. make sure it's hidden. there have always been cases of stolen laptops during the first week. so beware.

important :
-attire for the week : girls- baju kurung and kasut bertutup. no high heels if possible. you'll suffer. bring along handyplast, possibilities untuk kaki melecet sangat tinggi.
-wanna avoid traffic congestion on that sunday ? arrive before 10am.
-briefing starts at 5pm on that registration day. bring along your purse, phone, gambar passport, gam, telekung, notepad, pen.

others :
-bring a foldable umbrella that fits in your bagpack/handbag/watever bag
-always have a bottle of water with you
-use sunscreen, its very hot in shah alam and you dont wanna get sunburn
-tissue/hanky is a must, you'll be sweating buckets
-girls : bawa sehelai baju kurung warna putih plain and kain warna hitam. ada event yg wajib pakai this attire. x kisah la kurung biasa atau moden.
-hand sanitizer
-if you're going to DATC (Dewan Agong Tunku Cancelor) for any talks, bring a sweater. its damn cold in there.
-have a novel/comic in ur bag coz sometimes you have to wait a long time for something, its boring

extras :
refer here for pictures of your soon-to-be rooms. i stumbled upon this blog when i was searching for pictures, not a friend of mine nor do i know her in any way :P

refer here for a complete set of senarai keperluan, made by my best friend Maisarah Fadzil, she's currently in UPM, B.Ed Tesl :) 

so, i think that's all for now. i'll come up with another post on what you need/might want to know about your first semester in EPC degree (^_^)

p/s : if you're unclear about anything, feel free to ask :)


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  1. maybe coz i love being specific, that's what my daddy taught me :)

  2. hi, your details are great. I've been looking in the internet since i got the offer :)
    I'll be registering on september 2nd.
    my question is;
    -on the registration day, can i not wearing tudung?
    thank you :)

  3. hi tasnim :) thanks for reading, i hope u can benefit from it. well in shah alam, it's not stated that you have to wear tudung during registration day. the rule on making compulsory for all Muslim female students to wear hijab is yet to be implemented, so for now its up to you :)

  4. Salam:)
    Thanks for giving very detail info. Well i've been searching for any blog that wrote abt this course and hows the preparation during the rgistration day. and i've found this!great ;) Thank u so much!
    Favour me with answering this quest please? Can i wear white baju kurung with any design? i mean corak bunga bunga as well? And do i need to bring a dictionary? *i think i should bring one. Btw did u brought any?

  5. Salam :)
    Thanks for giving very detail info. Well ive been searching for any blog that wrote abt this course and hows the preparation during the registration day. I found yours! great!;) Do me a favour with answering my quest please? Can i wear white baju kurung with any design on it? i mean corak bunga bunga as well. And do i need to bring a dictionary? I think i should have one with me. Btw did u brought any?

  6. salam, hi haziqah :) thanks for reading my entry,glad that it's beneficial for you. about the baju kurung, u actually need to wear the plain one. if ada design warna lain, before this ada je yg pakai but during the ceremony kena duduk belakang2 sebab x ikut rule. barisan depan diorg nk yg perfect plain white je as it follows the rule of majlis. and yes, being an English major student means that u must have a dictionary and a thesaurus as well coz we'll be using it in the class :)

  7. Thanks sista:) well i should call u sis since ure 3rd sem student to be rite? Waahhh i read your newer post abt yr preparation for the finals. I was like "hmmmphhh i think i will suffer more likely than thissss -____-"

  8. you're welcome :) well, studying is not a bed of roses all the time, there are ups and downs for sure. do ur best especially with time management so that u wont suffer much at the end of the semester :D


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