Thursday, October 18, 2012

assalamualaikum and good day to everyone 
alhamdulillah, i'm done with the teleconferencing assessment
my first thought was "i'm gonna screw in this, i'm not good in speaking"
but then my beloved classmates advised me not to think too much
and just speak whatever you have carefully planned in mind
don't think about the assessor in the room
get into a heated discussion
do not agree on everything but make some arguments
we dressed smartly last monday
my group went fourth if i'm not mistaken
and we did it
i'm grateful that the lecturer did not interrupt us at all
and the allocated time was enough for us to properly discuss and wrap the meeting up
finally the lecturer said "well done" with a very broad smile on her face
while nodding in agreement with what we've just done
this is it
this is what i want
to impress the lecturer
it doesn't matter when your grammar is not yet perfect
we're still learning, we make mistakes, we correct it
wherever you are, as long as you're ready to learn
everyone will help and correct your mistakes
i would like to thank all my groupmates
Adam Ar-Rashid : CEO (Malaysia)
 Muhammad Izzat Fahm : Financial Manager (Tokyo, Japan)
Mazlina Nina : Sales & Marketing Manager (Malaysia)
as the Human Resource Manager, i am truly honoured to have you guys in my team
Juicy Juice Co.

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