Dean's List Award Dinner at De Palma Hotel

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello! Yesterday (Friday night) was a very tiring day for me. As the Student's Secretariat exco, I'm involved as the Protocol Bureau for my faculty's Pre-Graduate and Dean's List Award Dinner. The event was held at De Palma Hotel, Shah Alam. Even though I'm one of the Dean's List receiver, I didn't get to enjoy as others because of my responsibilities. I learned a lot and I got to see how we handle and organize a function like this. All the barriers we faced to make this event really happen were kinda frustrating and took up a hella lot amount of courage, patience, perseverance and creativity from us excos to overcome it. I believe when we called it a day, all of the committee members definitely learned a lot. 

We had to rehearse in a huge ballroom without aircond from 3pm till 7.45pm. The hotel management only agreed to switch on the aircond 30mins before the event starts. In transporting the presents from UiTM to De Palma Hotel, we only have 1 exco driving his car so yeah, he had to make several trips to get the  bulks of presents sent to our dinner venue. We also received the program book later than promised by the shop. The guests also arrived late, and we had to start 1 hour later than scheduled. However, what made us relieved was because of the spacious ballroom, the pretty decorations, GREAT food, and awesome performances by the students. Even though all excos only got to eat after the dinner ended which was at 12 midnight, it worth our efforts (in my humble opinion). 

So here are some pictures of me and my beloved friends at the event :

my third Dean's List
with Syaiful and Mazlina

with my best friend/senior Maisarah, our course's best student
making a not smiling face with my sweetheart Mazlina, hehe
It was so funny when I looked back at my preparation for the night. I had to get dressed in a washroom as the hotel did not provide us with a room to change. It saddens me a bit, coz before this all the hotels I've been to for dinner gave us a room to get dresses, makeup and pray. The washroom was VERY hot, and my face was constantly perspiring and I was worried sick if my foundation didn't adhere well coz of the so inconvenient atmosphere. Luckily I didn't look blotchy patchy or get any other makeup disaster experience. My eyeliner also gave me a mini heart attack as I thought I was already late (turns out the event started later than expected). Its cap got stuck and didn't want to come out, I asked my friends for a black eyeliner and nobody said they had it (there were only 4 of us in that washroom at that time). Then finally I managed to yank the cap off the pencil eyeliner and did my waterline with insecurity cloaking my heart as the lighting in that washroom was dim and yellow and I cant really see if I had everything right or not. What a stressful moment it was, phew~ Oh yeah, I also left my loose powder in my handbag right in the ballroom so yeah, had to use baby powder instead =_='' nasib baik I turned out normal, hehe~

Overall, I'm happy to be part of the committee member for this dinner for the second time. Next sem I wont be the committee anymore as my period of serving as the Student's Secretariat exco is coming to its end. I hope that I'll be there for the dinner for another two consecutive semesters insyaAllah. please please please whoever reading this, please pray for my excellence in my studies and my future undertakings as well. May God bless you all, and thank you for reading!

outfit of the day :
Green dress-random shop
White inner-random shop 
Orange cream Zafira shawl- ByFatinSuhana  (BFS) [facebook/website]
Stiletto-Shoez Obsession Sunway Pyramid 

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