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Monday, June 10, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello! I'm supposed to sleep right now but since my mood is currently in an ultra-disastrous state so I decided to write here instead, hehe! Well, it's time of the month and I'm trying hard to ignore all the pains I'm suffering right now. All women know that a whole body ache is no fun, especially in the middle of the night. 

So, what did I do on my weekends? On Saturday I had a crash part time job, where I helped my former archery instructor to open a booth at Plaza Jelutong, Shah Alam for D'Jelutong Hobby Fest. I was informed that it was the first hobby fest ever held there and the management team is planning to make it annual. It was held together with Jelutong Sky Bazaar, where various booths were opened selling clothes, food, accessories, cosmetics and souvenirs. For Hobby Fest, there were quite a number of showcases like roller-blading, motorcross (not sure how to spell though), abseiling, modern and traditional archery, sky running (this thing is like wearing some device on your legs and you run with a hopping motion [what I saw]), 4WD adventures, and many more. The rollerblading team catches my attention the most as the students were comprised of little kids as young as 3 years old, and I really love watching this particular boy aged 3 rollerblading his way all day long and never tires. He was really cute though, hehe! As for me, I took care of the modern archery booth. We displayed two sets of wooden recurve bows complete with bow stand, arrows, quiver (arrow case), finger tab (protect your finger from blistering), finger sling, chest guard and arm guard. My instructor told me that the reason she opened the booth is to promote her archery class. Fyi, she was an archery athlete for Selangor during her school and college years. Even though she has a permanent job, her deep interest in archery made her open an archery class in Section 13 Shah Alam for whoever wants to learn, with affordable rate. There are 3 packages, which are for individual class, group class and family class. If you're interested to learn outdoor archery (the bow used is recurve bow, currently the only category for the Olympics), you can contact me for further inquiries. 

okay the following picture is not related to the Hobby Fest, I just wanna show what I did with my sister during my last break, hehe~

managed to make my sister (white shirt) try archery for the first time, hehe
okay that was how I spent my Saturday, and the payment I received was awesome too, alhamdulillah for the extra pocket money :) 

On Sunday, I went to Paradigm Mall at 5pm and the initial plan was just to have a look coz I've never been there. Suddenly I remembered that I don't have a clutch to be used for my upcoming dinner this Friday, and my dress is also a plain one so I thought of buying a long necklace. However after roaming through all the shops there, I couldn't find any that suits my taste or my pocket. So, I ended up buying other things randomly, hahaha! Blame my roller coaster mood of course, I didn't even know what to eat and I didn't even feel hungry at all. So, what did I purchased today?

I stumbled upon MaskSlim outlet and I saw that all Timeless Truth Mask sold there are on 20% discount. So, I grabbed my first two TT masks, the TT Instaneous Brightening Cooling Mask and TT Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask. It was supposed to be RM18 (both) but I after discount, I paid only RM14.40 for both masks. 

These three are from Japan Home Centre, each priced at RM3.90 only. I bought 2 baskets (chocolate and pink color) and a bowl (green color). I'm thinking of being more organized with my stuffs and I hope that these three items will serve its purposes XD

okay these two are inner/hand sleeves. I bought it at Plaza Shah Alam or known as Masalam here (went there after Paradigm Mall). I actually wanted to find a white cardigan/jacket/outer wear for my sleeveless dress but as I can't find it anywhere, I decided to have these instead and be creative with it. 

I think that's all for now, will come back soon with more posts :) toodles!

what did you do on your weekends? I'd like to know!

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