Massage Party? Say YES!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello! Well well well, The Butterfly Project is gonna have another party in July for their awesome butterflies, and this time it is a massage party held at Amante Spa! There are 50 spots for us ladies and all we have to do is blog about "why I need a massage" and mention the collaborators. 

The Butterfly Project is like my guardian angel in blogging world. I learned a lot about the blogging community where my heart lies, I get to know numerous awesome bloggers sharing the same passion and I get the information crucial for us beauty bloggers, no matter how experienced or green we are ^_^

Did I tell you that I have to miss June's Spa Party due to final exam? I'm disappointed, really. So I really hope that for this upcoming massage party I'll be able to join, as my schedule is definitely clear on the 6th of July ^_^

As stated on the banner above, this massage party will be held at Amante Seri Petaling. I have never been to Amante Spa and judging from the images below, no sane people will decline a treat there!

Next we will have Photobooth Malaysia to capture all the sweetest moment there, fret not coz their professionalism is not something you can challenge ^_^

In order to set-up a party ambiance, we surely need an expert in party planning aren't we? 

For this massage party, be prepared to get amazed by the creativity of AskJoey in making the event an unforgettable experience!

Now we've come to the part on WHY I NEED A MASSAGE ? My reasons are super simple :

  1. I need a break from my academic world : There will be a 2 weeks gap from my third final paper (30th June) and my last paper (14th July). What more, I will be working my heads off from 1-4th of July to finish my last assignment, a group project of making a Standard 5 English language CD, using the Adobe Director software. If only you know how brain-cracking that work is, you'll never think twice to give me 10 different spa treats after I finished that work just to get the old Mieza again. Massage party right after finishing the last nerve-wrecking assignment, and a treat before my last paper? YES, PLEASE.
  2. I have never been to any spa treatment before, let alone a massage by professionals. I heard and read reviews that Amante offered the best and the most amazing hot stone massage in the entire universe! So tell me again, why I don't want to get this opportunity :p Will definitely cry a river if I fail to get one, haha!
  3. I want to meet my fellow Butterflies,  I have been missing events due to my busy schedule and final exam, so this is the perfect time for me to mingle and be happy ^_^

Well, I have stated my reasons to get invited to the massage party so I really really hope that The Butterfly Project will grant my wish ya ^_^

me and my best friend Mazlina (maroon shawl) would like to give a shout out :
We love The Butterfly Project Malaysia!!!

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