Beauty Regimes for That Clean and Clear Skin

Friday, August 21, 2015

I did not grow up with porcelain smooth skin and I learned the hard way to clear my skin off blemishes. I shall say that at the age of 23, I have been successful in reducing the amount of unnecessary growth of blemishes except for the hormonal ones, hehe! Wanna know how? Check this out!

1. Wash your makeup brushes once a week
Admit it, makeup brushes can be the breeding ground for bacteria if you don't properly clean them. They might be exposed to dust, they've touched your skin surface and these two are enough reasons to cause pimples. I wash all my brushes once a week using brush cleanser and air dry them as you can see in the picture below to avoid water from seeping in into the ferrules :) Nice hack isn't it?

2. Eat and drink healthily 
When I was 21, I had the most unforgivable series of acne attack and they were so ugly I lost my confidence for months! They were all over my face, huge and red and I just didn't know what I did wrong. After consulting a legit dermatologist at a beauty event,  the doctor told me that I might have developed a certain food allergy. I tested his hypothesis and I was right, I was allergic to dairy and canned food mainly all types of cheese and canned carbonara sauce. I stopped eating them and started getting my diet back into the healthy one with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lots of plain water and I managed to overcome my skin problem. So, be careful of what you eat and never deprive your body of plain water okay?

3. Get enough sleep
Every time I pulled a nighter for last minute revision and assignment, I get fresh zits popping off my face. Added up with the stress of doing such workload with unhealthy eating habits, no wonder my face was not acne free during university, hahaha! I learned that getting enough sleep is crucial for our skin to repair itself and if we deprive our skin from such need, then don't ask why our blemishes is still there after we finish a tube of acne gel. Do you know why people call it "beauty sleep" ? So that you'll wake up a beauty with fresh face and healthy skin ;)

4. Be happy
Yeap, the one that does not need an introduction I guess? Be happy and sincere in everything you do. This relieves and shoo away your stress hence making you a very positive person that even blemishes does not dare to pay you a visit. Well, a happy girl is the prettiest girl, enough said ^_^

5. Never skip proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing with the right skincare range
For some people, getting the suitable trio of cleanser, toner and moisturizer can be as tough as finding a needle in a haystack.  As I am not that dedicated to layer creams and gels on my face, I always opt for the most basic 3-way skincare system that are gentle yet effective to help my skin with two primary concerns, oily skin and acne problem.

With Clean & Clear range, I get the fuss-free facial care regime because the Essentials Foaming Facial Wash, Essentials Oil Control Toner and Essentials Moisturizer are primarily designed with oil-free properties to care for the skin in a gentle yet effective way to keep pimples and blackheads away. This is not new to me as Clean & Clear Essentials range was my 1st ever skincare purchase when I was 12 years old and using them now, I feel that these range just get better than I remember how it was before. My skin feels so clean and soft after cleansing, the toner really refreshes my skin after cleansing and the moisturizer makes my skin feel supple without that heavy, creamy nor oily after effect, which absolutely makes me fell deeper in love with this Clean & Clear Essentials range ^_^

Well fellas, I’ve shared with you my simple, inexpensive tricks to happy and clear skin. Mind to share with me your tips or regimes? Do leave your comments below ya, I really would love to know!


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