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Friday, August 28, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! When it comes to sun protection and looking flawless all day long, I always dreamed of owning a product that can make me look picture perfect with minimal need to touch up. I hate layering sunblock, primer, and makeup on my face because it makes my skin feel heavy and suffocated. Sometimes I get confused on which to put on first. Do I put my sunscreen first, or do I put my makeup first? Will I look okay or will I look like a white ghost? I usually ended up not wearing sunscreen and primer because I ended up looking oh-so-oily.

Fast forward to 2015, a miracle named Za True White Perfect Protector descended into my stash and I was like heyy, am I gonna see magic happening on my skin? Nicknamed as the 4-in-1 PERFECT PROTECTOR, it comes with

  • SPF 50+ PA++++
  • Pollution protect powder (protects skin from external pollutants)
  • Oil control powder (matte baby matte!)
  • Triple Vitamin C (who doesn’t want to always look bright and beautiful?)
As usual, when I first heard about Za True White Perfect Protector I was a bit sceptic. Can it be “the one” that does it all in one go? Little did I know that Za True White Perfect Protector is truly the sun protection cream that I will always need as it comes with base makeup ad brightening effects with proven ability to protect my skin against UV rays and pollution. 

Aside from the 4 key awesomeness, I have also experienced how easy life could be if I never ran out of this Za True White Perfect Protector. This magic cream is water-resistant which explains why makeup does not slip or melt even after I sweat. Za True White Perfect Protector is also moisturizing and non-sticky, which is very very true as it dries to a powdery finish within seconds after application. Being blessed with oily combination skin, I found that I now can worry less about blotting my face because seriously, Za True White Perfect Protector has truly been so helpful in mattifying my skin for more than 3 hours.

So, why am I making quite a noise on this Za True White Perfect Protector? It’s because I have personally experienced the moments of with sunblock and without sunblock, and I say I will never go out without sunblock again, ever! So, let’s check if you’re doing one or all of these, then you really should start incorporating sunblock in your skincare regime :
  • You go out under the sun every day : I walk every day to the bus stop, to and from LRT, and also to my office. I get exposed to sunlight and I can feel it stinging my skin. I need sun protection! Come on, we all aren’t vampires right? We need to go out, we walk under the sun and even if we have an umbrella, can it really protect our skin from UV rays? Did you notice your skin is darkening day by day and all the whitening creams you slather on do not work any magic? YOU NEED SUN PROTECTION.
  • You play outdoor sports : I think if you’ve been around long enough, you’ll know that I’m an archer (yeah still, even I have left UiTM, I still go and shoot my arrows!). Since my archery is not indoors, I am always exposed to sun and I hate seeing my skin gets darker with uneven skin tone, not pretty la my boyfriend also lari nanti XD so yeah, if you’re an outdoorsy girl like me then you TOTALLY NEED SUN PROTECTION. It is not just about avoiding sunburn, it is about maintaining healthy and protected skin J love your skin, you only have one!
  • You think roofs and walls protects you from sunlight : Ahaa, I used to have this thinking too! I thought staying indoors will make my skin fair, so naïve kan? -_-‘’ No ladies, UV rays are so slick and cunning it can pass through the windows and doors you kept open for air ventilation or just for the sake of getting some light. Plus, lets go back to item number 1, as I believe it is almost impossible for anyone to stay indoors forever. Don’t say I’m afraid of the sunlight, no, I just believe that the only time you don’t need sun protection is at night when you’re ready to sleep. Even if you spend ¾ of your days being indoors, you still NEED SUN PROTECTION.

Personally, I am a hundred percent in favour of Za True White Perfect Protector as I have been using it for close to a month already and you know what, this cream is a lifehack! I don't have to layer my sun cream and my primer anymore, I don't have to worry about my face getting oily in a short period, and I don't have to worry about looking dull because with Za True White Perfect Protector all my worries are cleared off ^_^ I get the sun protection that I need while walking out under the sun, my skin is encapsulated by a protective barrier from pollutants while I am outside, my skin is matte and I look brighter and of course, I feel happier. What more can a girl ask from a skincare this good?

If you want to experience all the goodness I have been enjoying this past month, you can run to the nearest drugstore now and get your own Za True White Perfect Protector at RM34.90 only. Oh heyy, it is also available online at Guardian Online store for just RM27.92 and yes, that's a sale price so go get it okay? Stock up!

Za True White Perfect Protector
Price : RM34.90 | 30g
Availability : Local drugstores nationwide | Guardian Online store

For more info :


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  1. Alamak. I have this too. Haven't use yet. Now you've reminded me to use haha :D

    1. Now is the time to crack open that tube, hehe! I'm loving this sunscreen because my skin tak cepat oily and i feel that it suits me also as a base, makeup smooth je apply ^_^

  2. Hi babe, you just got tagged! (sorry for spam :x)

  3. kena check out kat Watsons ni. Macam okay je especially on those days I'm wearing minimal makeup! Me too, hate layering products!

  4. assalamualaikum sis, my face already got sunbrun and belang from bottom of nose untill the cheek. this is because 4 day full i do training palapes, under sun its now make low confident when going to't Za True White Perfect Protector can help me to protect the belang my face ?? heeee, :D

    1. Wsalam, hi dear :) for such sunburn, you have to repair the layer first. People say you must treat the belang with aloe vera gel first, you can buy from The Face Shop or Nature Republic. Alternatively kalau nak beli online, I suggest you beli from online shop (go to this link) sebab produk dia semua ori and harga murah, you can combine shipping dengan kawan kolej or classmate, ajak beli ramai2 ^_^ that sunburn punya belang can get better after intensive aloe vera treatment, and at the same time apabila you keluar je, wajib pakai sunblock. Alright? This product, Za True White Perfect Protector can help you to protect your skin every time you keluar so it is very recommended for you to use this one. Kalau you tak pakai makeup pun takde hal, setiap kali nak keluar je pakai Za True White Perfect Protector dah cukup, sebab we need that sun protection. Ok? hope my answer is helpful for you :)


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