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Monday, November 14, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello! If I ask most Malaysians about Enchanteur, I'm sure they wouldn't say this brand is something new because Enchanteur has been with us for a very long time and I myself remember growing up with its many magical scents :)

My parents were the first to introduce Enchanteur to me because both of them loves Enchanteur talcum powder and shower gel. I never forget their cream-coloured bottle as it looked so posh and pretty on the vanity table. As I entered high school, I became a hardcore Enchanteur user as I'm a fan of their talcum powder, deodorant and body lotion, they never failed to keep me fresh all day and I'm grateful for that!

Today, Enchanteur is still with us in Malaysia and they've revamped the collection with fine fragrances to provide women with a complete top to toe all day freshness. It is undeniable that Malaysia's hot weather and today's hectic lifestyle will require us to put on quite a number of products on the skin to care and protect from environmental stresses, odour and the sun's harmful rays. That is why Enchanteur Paris has equipped its three signature scents of Mon Amie, Belle Amour and Adore with 4 different products that will suit all your skin's need to stay fresh and healthy every day :)

Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie - inspired by sheer happiness. The scent that perks up your day and best suited for casual outings with friends. The light and refreshing scent of Mon Amie is beautifully infused to match the Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie Light & Fresh Parfum Lotion. There is also Double Moisture Parfum Serum with Ultra Hyaluronic Hydration & Olive Oil which is perfect for immediate intensive and all day hydration while keeping you smelling delightful with the Mon Amie fragrance infused in the serum. You can also enhance the lively and charming scent with Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie Whitening & Refreshing Parfum Anti-Perspirant Deodorant or Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie Parfum Deo Mist to ensure all day freshness. 

Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour Range connotes the blossoming of love and romance. It is a scent that is meant to make you his amour forever. Fairness is lovelier now with the Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour Triple Whitening Parfum Body Lotion which provides instant and long term radiant fairness from 3 whitening agents - Licorice extract, Sakura extract and Vitamin B3. Further enhance the lightening of underarm skin tone with the Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour Extra Whitening Parfum Anti-Perspirant Deodorant while enhancing the enchanting scent of Belle Amour fragrance with the Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour Parfum Deo Mist.

Enchanteur Paris Adore Range which is a combination of floral and fruity scents evokes a sense of nostalgic magic of lasting impression relived every day. In attaining the confidence, having healthy skin which is our first line of defence against germs, UV rays and pollutants is of utmost importance. The Enchanteur Paris Adore Antibacterial Care Parfum Body Lotion ensures skin stays protected from various harmful bacteria while leaving skin with the unforgettable scent of Adore. Enchanteur Paris Adore Whitening & Soothing Parfum Anti-Perspirant Deodorant further cares for the underarm providing a soothing relieve, leaving skin protected and feeling fresh. A spritz of the Enchanteur Paris Adore Parfum Deo Mist delivers a refreshing burst of captivation.

Enchanteur Paris products are versatile in a way that apart from providing us with magical scents that are hard to be forgotten, their packaging also looks very dreamy and is such an eye-candy when placed on the dressing table or your study/work table. I myself am using the Belle Amour Triple Whitening Serum Lotion at work and it looks so wonderfully pretty on my table. It makes me happy to know that my trusted brand is there for me when I need it ^_^

So ladies, if you haven't got the chance to explore your magical moments with Enchanteur Paris, I suggest you check them out at the nearest pharmacies or hypermarkets because they come in very affordable price tags and they can cover your needs in many aspects such as skin moisturization, whitening, anti-bacterial care and they also come with SPF. Have fun exploring your perfect Enchanteur Paris scent!

ENCHANTEUR PARIS Parfum Lotions and Serum range 
85ml - RM 7.50
100ml - RM 7.90
275ml - RM 16.95
300ml - RM 18.00

ENCHANTEUR PARIS Parfum Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
50ml - RM 8.70

100ml spray can - RM 10.10

Disclaimer : PR sample.

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