Lazada Online Revolution 2016

Friday, November 11, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello! Something happened at my office today..

Receptionist : Mieza, here's your parcel. *hands over a huge parcel
Me : I didn't buy anything.. *accepts parcel with the most puzzled face

Turns out the parcel was the Box of Joy from Lazada as their Online Revolution is happening! I was so happy when I found that all the joys inside the box are items that are mostly useful to me :) this Box of Joy was sent out in conjunction of Lazada's Online Revolution 2016 that is their 5th installation since it commenced in 2012.

For your information, Lazada's Online Revolution 2016 would be the biggest event of online sale on 11th November is Southeast Asia as there will be more than 1,000 brands and 55,000 international and local merchants taking part in this revolution. Lazada is reaching out to all their customers in this Lazada's Online Revolution 2016 through a theme called "Brands for All" that marks Lazada's evolution into a one-stop shop for Malaysians favourite brands. You can expect to see products from Drypers, L'Oreal, Nestle, Samsung, Prodiet, Microsoft, ZTE, Goon, Bosch, Tesco, Mattel, Sports Direct and many more lining up to jump into your cart along the period of this Online Revolution.

Lazada Malaysia is also aiming to realize the dreams of Malaysians as 81% shoppers are living outside KL and getting quality branded products can be a big problem to them along with limited choice of shopping malls. Through the Online Revolution event, the Brands for All theme is expected to serve a purpose of bridging the gap between brands and Malaysian consumers. 

As consumers, among the joy that awaits you during the Online Revolution includes more than 500,000 deals from international and local brands as well as exclusive launches of branded items. There will also be promotions from various marketing partners of Lazada that will give customers chances to win free flights frim Air Asia Big and also special offers from DiGi, Maxis, Domino's Malaysia, Caltex, HSBC, CIMB, TGV Cinemas and Maybank throughout the 2016 Online Revolution.

As a shopper, payment methods via online banking or cash on delivery will also be applicable if you choose to join the fun in Lazada 2016 Online Revolution. I hope that you will find awesome deals to fill in your cart during Lazada's Online Revolution 2016 and don't forget to shop smart! Oh, there is also a fun part where you can spin the wheel and wait for your luck to win some surprises from Lazada, so check out Lazada's Online Revolution 2016 now!

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