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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello! This post is specially dedicated to residents of Klang Valley and Johor Bahru as it is something that you truly can benefit from :) If you're living in Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Bangsar, Ampang, Hartamas, Mont Kiara and Johor Bahru, you should know that you can now hire local domestic helpers to be at your service when you need basic home cleaning via Maideasy.

This service provides 4 types of cleaning that you can choose from :

  • Basic home cleaning - living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet
  • Move in/out cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning - 24 hours turnaround time
  • Airbnb cleaning - area within 500m radius from KLCC and Bukit Bintang
I was given the opportunity to try their basic home cleaning and I took the 4-hours package. If you're staying at a studio house or a small 2-bedrooms house you might only need to book the 2-hours package. The cost starts from as low as RM20 per hour and you can choose to get your cleaner to come for either morning session (9AM onward). afternoon session (2PM onward) or evening session (8PM onward). The evening session however is only applicable for 2-hours package as it starts at 8PM and they usually will send 2 cleaners to get the entire house done in 2 hours (by 10pm).

During my session, the assigned cleaner arrived on time and she was very polite yet friendly. You can instruct your cleaner on where to start first or you can just let them choose where/what to start cleaning. Bear in mind that for basic home cleaning, you need to prepare the cleaning tools such as broom or vacuum cleaner, mop, pail, rag cloth, floor cleaner and toilet cleaner. My assigned cleaner took exactly 4 hours to finish cleaning my entire house that consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets, 1 kitchen and 1 living room. She was very detailed in her work and I'm grateful that my entire house was cleaned thoroughly.

Maideasy booking can be done via their app or online at and as customers, you will need to pay online too as soon as your booking is accepted. 

Their customer service will contact you via SMS to update on your assigned cleaner's name and his/her expected arrival time. However, cleaners are human too and sometimes they might have to cancel their job due to sickness or emergency cases. I was a bit unfortunate for having to go through this scenario twice where my cleaner cancelled 30 minutes before her expected arrival and I had to reschedule to the next day. I hope Maideasy management will improve on this problem of cleaners cancelling last minute because sometimes customers like me have a very tight schedule and we don't have any other free time to reschedule. I suggest that they should have a second standby cleaner to replace the first cleaner should anyone cancel on the assignment day.

In a nutshell, I still will suggest you to try Maideasy service especially to :

  • working people who have no time to clean the house alone
  • people who stays at a rental house with unreliable/irresponsible housemates who can't clean the house by themselves
  • people who stays at a rental house with housemates who prefer to get domestic helpers rather than doing their own housekeeping
  • mothers who are busy taking care of babies/children at home and needs extra help for housekeeping
  • whenever you feel lazy to clean the house and you need extra rest, just book a cleaner via Maideasy!
I'm giving plus points to this service because the cleaner I got was very punctual, polite, friendly and very thorough in doing her job. I also feel that it is good that they provide local staffs hence you might not feel awkward or difficult to communicate as you can chat with your cleaner in Bahasa. This is not a racial biased post or anything like it, I'm just trying to support our local business and at the same time giving a chance to the cleaners to earn and I heard that some of them are young graduates who are yet to land a full-time job with their degree certs. Don't worry on the cleaner's reliability as everyone will go through a strict screening first by the management before they made it to the cleaner's list.

Whatever it is, if you're booking a cleaner, always remember to be nice to them regardless of who they are as they are people too and they are there to provide you with your needed service. If you receive a Muslim cleaner and they are working through prayer time, maybe you can offer them a time-off to settle their prayers first :)

Thanks for reading and don't forget Maideasy when you need home cleaning assistance ^_^

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