My Althea Christmas Wishlist 2016

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

So, I saw that my dearest Santa Althea has made an announcement on Althea's Facebook Page that their #AltheaXmas giveaway has just commenced for all bloggers and youtubers! Santa Althea wants to reward some lucky residents of Althea Nation a Christmas box filled with their Christmas wish list ^_^ 
Althea Christmas box in small, large and extra large 
| link |

From my understanding, I can go window shopping and make sure all items I'm wishing for can fit into the limited edition Althea Christmas box like those in above picture. So, here's my wish list and I really hope that Santa Althea will make my dream come true coz I have been a very patience and hardworking girl this year!

1. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask - Holiday Edition | link |

Good for skin hydration, this magical Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is known around the globe for its ability to keep skin supple, soft and bouncy! I also learned that it can help diminish pimple scar with nightly usage ;) I ran out of my 1st purchase that I got from Althea before so I wish Santa Althea can help me restock my magic jar! I also have it reviewed here if you wanna know why I really love this mask, apart from its super affordable price at Althea ^_^

2. Banila Co. Clean It Zero | link |

Honestly I have never found out any negative review of this product and I guess it is definitely a must have item. I wear makeup daily and I need makeup remover with superpower to perfectly cleanse my skin and pores to avoid blemishes. Apart from being travel friendly, I am also looking forward to get Banila Clean It Zero into my stash because I am a sucker for balm cleansers!

3. Pony Effect Pro Fit Liquid Concealer - Beige | link |

A few days ago I ran out of my Witch's Pouch concealer (also bought from Althea) and I'm in search of a new concealer. Apart from looking so sleek in the packaging department, this Pony Effect Pro Fit Liquid Concealer in Beige shade looks like a perfect match that I need. Furthermore, based on the many reviews I found online, Pony Effect has proved that they offer awesome quality products so, why not?

4. TCFC Art Class By Rodin Highlighter | link |

I never owned any highlighters before and now I'm feeling adventurous to try it, plus I kid you not, this highlighter's packaging itself is already a bae! I have been having this highlighter in my wish list for quite some time ever since I first saw it on Althea's website. Maybe Santa Althea can make me a dazzling fairy with on-point highlight this time? ;)

5. Mise-en-Scene Perfect Repair Serum | link |
My current hair serum is already running low and I heard a lot of good reviews on this Mise-en-Scene Perfect Repair Serum so dear Santa Althea, please let my tresses have some love! I have a good feeling that I'm gonna love this serum. When I love something, I'm the most loyal person and I'll always come back for it ;) #potentialrepeatorder

6. Cloud9 Blanc de Whitening Cream | link |
I remember seeing this cream being suggested by blogger Tammy from Plusizekitten and Youtuber Alyia Bubbles so I can no longer contain my excitement to try this Cloud9 Blanc de Whitening Cream. Clinically proven to help in melanin reduction, I also need this cream so badly to brighten my skin tone and to reduce redness. 

my younger sister was so generously helpful she drew and watercoloured all my wish list from Althea ^_^
Dear Santa Althea,

I'd like to thank you for spending your precious time reading my post :) I understand that you have a busy schedule sorting through the letters, blog posts and videos. I am writing to you with one hope, that you can make my Christmas this year a bright one considering I will have to spend my Christmas weekend until the first week of new year studying for my final exam. 2016 has a been quite a roller-coaster year for me. I have been striving so hard to stay positively afloat despite my daily work struggle and postgrad assignments making me so tired and depressed most of the time.

I managed to keep my body healthy by joining marathons and obstacle runs but my skin, tresses and inner happiness needs your magical army of products from Althea. I wish to celebrate Christmas and new year in style, pampering my skin and hair and feeling unexceptionally pretty while revising for my Consumer Psychology final exam. I wish for you to know that, dearest Santa, I have been using products that I get from Althea in my daily skincare and makeup routine and whatever that I asked in my above list are stuff that I will use (they wont go to waste, i promise), have the need to use and want to use every day. I promise you that if I was sent the box of my wish, I will fully utilize them until I hit the pan, empty the tub and scrape the last drop of it because I hate wasting products. Thank you again Santa Althea, for reading my long-winded love letter to you. Merry Christmas!

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