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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

If you have been closely following my social media posts, you'll know that I'm actually a very active person and I rarely have the time to relax. My busy schedule of working full time and also attending lectures after work or during the weekend does not stop the definition of active there. Whenever I am not working or attending lectures, you can see on my Instagram that I am also a sportsperson, regardless of indoor or outdoor activities. This kind of active lifestyle requires me to always stay energised so that I'm always at my peak. I keep myself hydrated by drinking at least 2L of plain water per day, but that is not enough to supply me with the needed energy booster. So, what do I do?

I decided to approach and befriend Taurus ;) as a new player in the market, Taurus might look like its old pal in a blue/silver can with some fighting bulls on it but Taurus is different than them in certain ways!

Certified Halal by JAKIM
As an energy drink brand sold in Malaysia, the makers of Taurus have been careful and considerate in the making of Taurus so that it can be enjoyed by everyone in Malaysia regardless of religious constraints. The ingredients in Taurus are all approved by JAKIM to be Halal and you can refer their product Halal certification code JAKIM/(S)/(22.00)/492/2/ 1 004-06/2014 to shoo away all your worries :)

Affordable Price Tag
If you are familiar with other brands energy drinks in local market, you will know that most of them are priced above RM5 per can and sometimes getting 2 cans will cost you more than RM10 already, which is quite bank-breaking considering the bad economy we're having recently. Turn to Taurus and you can get it at just RM4.80 per can. According to Taurus team, you are only advised to take 2 cans per day in case you really need to have more than one drink. So, 2 cans only cost you RM8.40 and hey, that's cheap!

A Taste That Will Keep You Coming Back For It
Before I met Taurus, I never liked consuming energy drinks because they all tasted horrible for me. However, I found that I am liking Taurus Energy Drink's taste because of the fruity flavour and it does not taste overly sweet at all. It is carbonated and caffeine laden at a safe proportion so, apart from giving me the much needed energy boost, it tastes so fun that I don't mind having a second serving when I need to!

My Date With Taurus
During my first date with Taurus, we played Laser Tag with a group of fun humans and Taurus was the bomb! We had 2 rounds of Laser Tag game and we did not feel tired at all though the battle was so hardcore as it involves lots of running and we sweat like nobody's business in the arena! During our break time before the second battle, we were treated with chilled Taurus Energy Drink and I swear that was the best drink I ever had to quench my thirst and to power up my used energy for the battle. 

I then brought Taurus with me to another energy-draining event where I had a military style obstacle race. Running 8km and going through 15 obstacles, hiking a hill, cross country and carrying 15kg log on my shoulders in 2 hours drained me to the last bits. Thanks to Taurus, I got instantly powered up after the race and I was able to walk around smiling happily flashing my finisher's medal. If it's not for Taurus I might have been found slumping with a sour, tired face under the tent.  Thank you Taurus for being the best energy companion for me!

If you're an active human being who is always on the run like me, I definitely want you to go to 7-Eleven and get yourself a can of Taurus Energy Drink as your on-the-go energy booster. Remember, you only need a maximum of 2 cans per day as the content of Taurus Energy Drink is already carefully measured by their makers to help our body rejuvenate and power up after tiring activities so drink up wisely ya? Dont forget to tag #TaurusED and #TauTakTaurus whenever you decide to grace your social media posts with Taurus in the picture ^_^ have fun and keep yourself #TaurusED!

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