Velvet Vanity Matte Liquid Lipstick in Slamberry : Review & Swatch

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello! I have been following this local brand Velvet Vanity for quite some time, more like stalking their Insta to check out any latest update on what lip colour they're bringing out that I will really wanna buy. When they came up with a new version of packaging as you can see in this post, they captured my attention. I decided to buy one colour that I have been liking, the shade Slamberry and the purchase was also because at that point, I ran out of my favourite Pink Brown lip cream from RiRe Lip Manicure | review here |. 

Velvet Vanity sells their liquid matte lipsticks at a price of RM59/tube and currently they have Mr West (dark brown), Cheap Thrills (nude brown) and Slamberry (slightly mauve pink) in the new tiffany blue packaging. They had two shades in the earlier packaging, one deep burgundy red shade (Blood Red) and one nude pink shade (Libra Baby). 

I bought my Slamberry during Mimpikita warehouse sale and it was sold at RM49 each, such a steal! Ever since getting it, I have been wearing this every day because I really like the colour, the formula and its staying power. There's the ingredients list above if you're keen to know what's inside the tube :)

Like many other matte lip creams, you would know that some has a moisture-sucking formula so wearing a matte lip cream on chapped, dry lips is a big no-no. Velvet Vanity advises us to exfoliate lips first before using their lip cream for smooth application. Since I rarely get that dry, chapped lips problem, I always found that wearing Slamberry actually accentuates the volume of my lips without making it look flat matte or overly dried. 

One thing that I'll always do is, I will gently exfoliate my lips with a toothbrush (super soft bristles) after I brush my teeth every night and then I'll layer on a coat of natural lip balm (I use Claire Organic's Yummy Lips lip treatment) before sleep to ensure that I have beautiful, smooth pair of lips when I wake up ^_^

The swatches that you're seeing above was taken at night, sorry I don't have day picture but you can check it out at Sabrina Tajudin's review as she also bought a set of Velvet Vanity's liquid matte lipsticks.

I have been wearing this Slamberry liquid matte lipstick for almost every day for the past three weeks and my verdicts are as follows :

  • smooth application, distributes evenly on lips despite the creamy consistency
  • smells like vanilla but only for a few moments at the beginning of application
  • makes lips look fuller
  • very pigmented and lasts long
  • tough on greasy meals, does not entirely fade after eating
  • dries to a beautiful matte but is not too drying
I love everything about this lip cream, it exceeds my expectation and I never thought I would love a local cosmetic brand this much aside from Breena Beauty's brushes! I might be sceptical on many local skincare products because they're not convincing and they have ridiculous ads copy but I have to give credits to Velvet Vanity for scoring high on all my checklist. I really can't wait for more lip colours from them and I hope other local brands will fly high too, lets light up Malaysia on the world map for something good ya? Toodles!

Find Velvet Vanity on Instagram :

p/s : this is not a paid review, product was bought using my own money.

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