Friday, January 13, 2017

So, as you all might have already known, I'm an adrenaline junkie and I can't sit tight for a long time. Keeping fit is the only thing that keeps my sanity intact and I believe everyone should do the same too. It's not just for the body but it's also for your mind too. Maybe you're not the one who runs 5km daily, maybe you hate aerobics just like me, maybe you don't fancy lifting weights at the gym. How about doing something healthy and fun with a partner or a group of friends or better yet, with your family?

Mad Warrior Madness is breaking 2017 with their latest installation set to take place on 9th April 2017 at Prima Avenue Cyberjaya. Boasting 40 obstacles at a stretch of 8km, this seventh edition of Mad Warrior aims to provide you with challenging yet fun obstacles that will keep you pushing your limits! 

My team during Mad Warrior Sprint 2016
Warriors United
the previous mad medal
Mad Warrior is no stranger to me as I was with them at Mad Warrior Sprint 2016 which was the only one that I managed to squeeze my time for last year. To me, their challenges get better with every edition and it is not something that you can afford to miss!

Mad Warrior Madness 2017
40+ obstacles

Let me convince you on why joining Mad Warrior Madness 2017 must be in your TO-DO-LIST :

You Don't Get To Do Exclusive Obstacles Run Every Day
Admit it, the warrior in you must at least once have thought about "how awesome it is if I could do those obstacles", am I right? However we don't privately own such equipment nor the space to have it at our own backyard. Hence that's why Mad Warrior is here to satisfy your cravings, to cross one item of your to-do-list and definitely to give you a taste of how real fun in exercising should feel like.

Keeping Fit Is No Longer Boring
So, you have been doing exercises at the gym or at the park. You repeat the routine daily and it is starting to feel stale. Why not join Mad Warrior Madness 2017 and make use of the series of training you've had all these while? It's time to test your strength, willpower and endurance! Forget the dumbbells, forget the treadmill and forget your yoga mat. Go out, get wild, get muddy and unleash the warrior in you ^_^

The Ticket Is Cheap
Compared to obstacles run brand A and brand B, Mad Warrior's ticketing price is definitely cheaper and thus more affordable for you guys to pay for. I get it, we all are struggling to spend economically but we really want to have some fun once in a while. So, what's more worthy than spending your bucks for an unforgettable experience like this? Plus you'll get some bragging rights (Instagram!) with the finisher's tee and medal when you emerge a victorious warrior by the end of the game ;)

I Have Discounts Waiting For You All
This is where you have to stop everything you're doing and quickly assemble your army because I am gonna help you save more when you buy your tickets! For your info the current ticket tier is RM98 per pax. 

You wanna save RM18? USE MY COUPON CODE! It is limited to the first 50 readers of so be fast okay? Weii you can use that RM18 to buy a nice dinner alright! Here's the limited coupon codes special for my readers :

  • RM80/pax for 1-2 participants : coupon code mieza80
  • RM80/pax for 3 participants or more : coupon code mieza80x
Please register via this link to use the above mieza80 and mieza80x coupons ya? Do share this great news with your friends and keep the registrations coming! I'll be there at the event coz I'm a warrior princess so I hope to see you all there on April 9th ^_^ drop me a comment if you're going to register with my coupon code, I'd like to see my army of warriors!

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