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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I was recently introduced to two health and beauty supplement products from Mediherba Solutions at a blogger get-together session and I feel the need to share it here :) The managing director Puan Rohasniza Rosli explained in her speech that she was motivated to create these two products named Gula-Gula Magic (GGM) and Jus D'Ria due to a few reasons. Her creation of GGM is aimed to help women to overcome period pain, irregular period and at the same time helps to promote skin clarity without selling on the word 'collagen' because GGM does not contain collagen like many other supplements. As for Jus D'Ria, it was meant for her son who suffers eczema since baby. Her determination to find an alternative cure for her son was fruitful when Jus D'Ria emerged as one solution that is able to help treat eczema, sinus, asthma and many more. 

GGM is a reintroduced version of Gula-Gula Magic as it has been repackaged and reformulated for a better performance. They unique selling point of GGM is that its ingredients have all the sunnah food such as Habbatus sauda, goat milk, apple, chocolate, apricot, dates, blueberries, green tea, honey and pomegranate. In breaking the norm of beauty supplements in Malaysia, GGM does not contain collagen due to health factors calculated by Puan Yaya. Hence, the benefits that you'll reap from consuming GGM solely relies on the power of its pure ingredients.

Since GGM has the amazing combination of fruits, premium imported goat milk from New Zealand and Habbatus Sauda, it promises a list of benefits to the consumer such as:
  • lowers blood pressure
  • improves menstrual cycle
  • improves digestion system
  • reduces cholesterol level
  • reduces the risk of cancer
  • improves skin texture and elasticity
  • helps in weight loss

There are 2 tablets of apple and chocolate flavour in the tub of GGM which is recommended for 15 days plan. Consume 1 chocolate tablet in the morning and 1 apple tablet at night for best result. Their tagline of Jelita Tanpa Derita is made true by the way of consumption where the user only needs to chew these amazingly tasty tablets. As I am halfway through finishing my 1st tub of GGM, I can vouch that GGM is delicious and it majorly tastes like goat milk tablet. As I sometimes have late period due to my high stress in work and studies, I am hoping that my consumption of GGM will be beneficial to treat my problem. GGM is suitable to be consumed by men and women from teenage to adults who aim for internal and external beauty without much hassle. The price for 1 tub would be RM69 for Pen. Msia and RM79 for East Msia

The second product, Jus D'Ria is a new food supplement for overall physical health. It's tagline Ibu Segala Khasiat is fitting when this product claims to help:
  • relieve breathing issues like asthma
  • reduce phlegm and irritation due to sinus
  • reduce redness and itchiness due to eczema
  • reduce cholesterol level
  • fasten the process of wound healing
  • treat migraine and headache
  • treat flu and cough
  • improve digestion
  • improve skin condition
Jus D'Ria contains super ingredients such as aloe vera, pomegranate, ginger, echinacea, oregano, garlic, dong quai, akar manis, acai berry, camu-camu, vitamin C, apple stem cell, argan stem cell and stevia. The recommended dosage would be 10ml for adults and 3-5ml for kids starting from age 6 months onwards and it is to be consumed twice a day. Users must use plastic spoon or anything non-metal with Jus D'Ria as to preserve its goodness. The bottle of 30ml juice can be bought at RM88 in Pen. Msia and RM98 for East Malaysia.

For further info:
Instagram : @jusderiahq | @mediherbahq
Mediherba Solutions : 018-6610104
Puan Yaya : 012-6460210
Encik Syahrul : 012-9484420

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