Bag of Love : The Unboxing Begins

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello !
Say HI to the latest addition in the beauty box world, Bag of Love 

As you can see in the banner above, Bag of Love will be collaborating with The Butterfly Project and Delectable by Su to invite 30 lucky bloggers for a tea party with them called The Unboxing Tea Party at Paradigm Mall on April 27th, 2013.

Do you want to win an invitation ?
  • Fifty (50) bloggers from Malaysia will be selected to review Bag of Love's April Edition.
  • Out of the fifty bloggers, thirty (30) will receive exclusive invitations to the Unboxing Tea Party held at Delectable Su, Paradigm Mall on 27th April, 2013 at 11am (session 1) or 2pm (session 2).

I would like to get the chance to attend the tea party and also to review Bag of Love's April edition !

why ?

1. I absolutely love Bag of Love's concept, their first debut box and the content ! I didn't get the chance to own their debut box so, pretty please let me review the April box ? 
*puppy eyes*

2. I love receiving beauty boxes coz it really made my day to open the box of treasure after a whole tiring day of classes and extra curricular activities. 
*i unboxed my first beauty box subscription OUTSIDE the hostel room coz I can't be patient enough to wait for  my friend to return with the room's key*

3. On April 27th, I'm still in my MID SEMESTER BREAK so I wanna have some fun ! It's crucial for me to prevent my brain from going haywire due to stress, hehe~
*i usually have nowhere to go during mid-semester break as my dad is working and my sisters are in school. me iz sad*

4. I am still new in this beauty blogging world though I have been blogging since 2007, so I really wish to get the chance and mingle with other experienced beauty bloggers.
*dear masters, please teach me!*

If you are a beauty blogger, please don't hesitate to check out the links I've provided okay ?
Hoping for the miracles to happen, toodles !

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  1. wow bachelor of english communications?! impressivenya! I like the way you have written about this , all the best to be one of the 30! <3

    I have followed your blog btw.. XD winks.. follow me tooo

  2. heyya Tammy, yes I'm studying English for Professional Communication :) thanks for your compliment dear! i have followed you too some time ago, hehe ^_^ you're always my inspiration!


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