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Friday, April 05, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello :)
Today is Friday, alhamdulillah the class will finally come to a halt,
but not the activities and the assignments of course.
Yeah I'm a student so my top priority babbles will be about
the piling assignments, the tiring activities and my procrastination problem :p

Anyways, last Monday a parcel arrived at my home in Melaka.
I had just arrived in Shah Alam when mommy called about the parcel,
and I was like "eh? did i buy something when i was asleep?"
Then she told me that the parcel was from Alliance Cosmetics,
and I can't be more accurate than saying SILKYGIRL has sent me another 
pack of happiness ^_^

Anndd, I was right!

I felt very happy on Monday, 
and upon hearing that my parents will send the parcel to me in Shah Alam, 
all my Monday blues went away XD

So, let's see what treasures they sent me this time shall we?

*sorry I'm too tired to edit and watermark the pictures*

entire set

SILKYGIRL Drink Up Lip Balm (01 Coffee) [sheer pink shade]

SILKYGIRL Lolly Lip Gloss (03 Candy Strawberry)

SILKYGIRL Magic BB White Powder Foundation (01 Ivory)

SILKYGIRL Double Intense Duo Eye Shadow (08 Flushed Maple) [improved formula]

SILKYGIRL 20hr Perfect Stay Eyeliner (01 Blackest Black)
SILKYGIRL Big-Eye 2-in-1 Eyeliner (01 Blackest Snow)
SILKYGIRL sharpener [for the 2-in-1 eyeliner]

Again, I really love SILKYGIRL Malaysia's team for their generosity,
and for their expertise in sending surprises silently

SILKYGIRL products were the first makeup brand I used in my life
I grew up with them, and I'm still loving them!
I could see their great improvements in delivering products with great quality and still in the 
affordable price range, suitable for students like me and everybody else!

My all-time-favorite for SILKYGIRL products (minus these new ones) would be their :
-Double Intense gel eyeliner
-Magic BB powder (in blue casing)
-CC powder foundation
-Big Eye Mascara (the best mascara!)
-duo eye shadow 24 Purple Storm
-fruity trio lip balm
-funky eyelights 

I'll definitely review these products as soon as I tried them on 

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  1. thank you Nabilah :) you can be one too, I got it by luck. and some effort, yeah. hehe~

  2. Bestnya ! Nak jugakk T^T


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