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Friday, April 26, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello ^_^

Today I'm gonna make a simple review about a lipstick I received from HiShop Malaysia.
It was sent to me in the welcome pack for HiShop Beauty Ambassador 2 days ago
(thanks a lot HiShop team!)

The lipstick I got is by FCC or also known as Farmasi,
a well known halal brand of cosmetic. 

FCC Lip Maximizer Lipstick is a pearly creamy lipstick that contains ginger extract to improve blood circulation, thus provides instant lip plumping. It also has a menthol cooling effect and claims to reduce the appearance of surface lines and has matte finish.

My Opinions ?
  • the swatch above is achieved after 3x layering
  • it is more to blue based pink color
  • application (on lips) was very smooth
  • does not settle into fine lines on the lips (YAYY)
  • not really helpful if you have dark lips 

As my lips are kinda dark, the color does not show up really well. 
I applied it on my lips and no matter how much I layered, my lip's natural color still shows.
and I ended up looking like I recently adopted Nicki Minaj's lips XD

So, I decided that it works better on my mom's lips, as hers are not dark like mine.
Plus my mom has fair skin tone so, it suits her very well.
I asked my mom to put it on and wow, so pretty !!!
My mom also complimented that the scent of this lipstick is very sweet (her favourite scent, she said),
and it reminded her of the old days of playing with her mom's (my grandma) makeup

Retailing at RM29.90, you can get FCC Lip Maximizer Lipstick in 03 HiShop Malaysia
There are also 4 other pretty shades for you to choose, please take a look here!


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fyi, HiShop's team always come up with delightful surprises on their fb page, 
who knows it can brighten up your day aite? :D

Thanks for reading, do share with me your favourite lipsticks and why 

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  1. "I ended up looking like I recently adopted Nicki Minaj's lips XD" LOL!
    I xkene pakai pink lip stick, my skin is so yellow, me look like simpsons....

  2. Love the color of the lipstick , it reminds me of Nicki Minaj for some reason . Love the barbie pink color

  3. sabrina : haha, i laughed looking at myself in the mirror! my skin is currently quite dark as i've got sunburn real bad, so memang tak fit la dengan barbie pink like this one. pity oh, the shade sangat cantik!

    SeeReeNa : totally a barbie pink color :D and yes, maybe Nicki Minaj can consider wearing this lipstick too, hehe!


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