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Friday, April 19, 2013

i'm not sure why i'm trapped between this tangle of mess. i'm getting ultimately sick of their craps and i hope it ends as soon as possible. i cant stand the foulness anymore, it stinks and totally not good for my nose, brain and heart.

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  1. hai mieza. saya nak tanya, saya ada diploma business study uitm dan saya teringin sangat nak sambung EPC utim, tapi english saya kredit 5c je masa SPM. kalau dari diploma, dia pandang lagi ke semua tu? as long kita skor MUET dah la kan. please, tolong tanya lecturer kamu

  2. hi there :) it's great to hear that you're interested to join EPC ^_^ well, based on the requirements written in the faculty's web page, kalau lepasan diploma UiTM mestilah pointer 2.50 keatas baru boleh apply masuk EPC. MUET wajib band 4 keatas, but i'm not really sure sama ada result SPM tu dia tgk jugak ke tidak (memandangkan dah ada diploma). for now you can refer here but i'll definitely get back to you next week after i ask my lecturer about this matter okay :)


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