HiShop August Beauty Box

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello lovelies ^_^ Today I'm gonna share with you the HiShop's August Beauty Box. There are 3 items inside for me to test and share my opinions with you guys :D So without further ado, lets see its contents!

1. Lanopearl Refining and Exfoliating Scrub (150ml)

This scrub does not contain harsh beads, don't worry coz the beads are tiny oatmeal beads. I have tried it twice, and I love how gentle yet powerful it worked on my skin. The smell is good but quite faint. 

The original price is RM69.00 but HiShop is currently selling it at RM41.40  (40% OFF).

2. Heaven on Earth Essential Oil - Tea Tree (50ml)

This is the first time I ever owned a bottle of essential oil so I'm a bit blur on how to benefit from it. HiShop sent along a pamphlet of Heaven on Earth, along with benefits and instructions on how to use various essential and base oils. The tea tree scent is very powerful and strong, but I really love it, kinda relaxing and soothing to me ^_^

The price is RM50 for each bottle of 50ml, and it comes with a free vial worth RM15.

3. Beauty Clinic Mediheal-Overlab Real Powder Mask (Green Tea)  
I received 2 pcs of this mask. This is the first time too I received a face mask which is yet to be soaked with its essence. There are 2 compartments of the packaging. The top part consists of a dry piece of mask, while the bottom part consists of the serum. The mask is meant to be soaked with serum only upon application.

The price is RM9.90 for each mask, and besides Green Tea, there are other variants of Overlab Real Powder Mask such as Blue Berry, Orange Mandarin, Red Pomegranate and Yellow Pumpkin. [feel free to click the links and check them out!]

I have tried two out of three of these items, and I definitely can't wait to share my verdict with you guys :D so please, stay tuned!

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  1. Bestnye item die dpt...can't wait for the review...

  2. itulah x sabar nk share dgn korang semua ^_^ ni dah naik sem, kena pandai cari masa!

  3. oh the mask looks very special!

    lol, im visiting u back now ^^

  4. yeah Emily, first time I found masks like this :D thanks for visiting my site ^_^

  5. Wah, green tea! Saya dapat yellow pumpkin. Hehe. :)

  6. saya dapat Pumpkin mask untuk giveaway pula ^_^


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