Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off Review

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! When was the last time you scrubbed your face? I just did today, and I am using no other that the Black Sugar Mask Wash Off by Skin Food ^_^ I actually have been living without a proper scrub since I finished my oat scrub and I only depended on a marvelous gel cleanser with beads which I have finished using too (will be reviewed soon). I then snagged this tube of Black Sugar Mask when I was window shopping with my dad, without having read any reviews about it. I came home so excited because I couldn't wait to use this Black Sugar Mask for the first time. I always heard people saying that the Black Sugar range from Skin Food is among their top selling but the spotlight has always been on the Black Sugar Serum. For your info, Skin Food mentioned that this Black Sugar Mask contains mineral-enriched Brazilian black sugar. 
Well readers, I need to clear off the confusion that I suspect has been playing in your mind if you are not familiar with this Black Sugar Mask. It says "mask" but actually the product can be used two ways. First is by using this Black Sugar Mask as a normal mask where you slap it on your face and wait for 15-20 minutes before you wash it off, or secondly, use this Black Sugar Mask as a face scrub twice a week. Below are the description and ingredients of this Black Sugar Mask for your perusal. I am grateful enough that Skin Food provides this Black Sugar Mask packaging with English description! Most of the time, I found Korean skincare products are only labelled with Korean language descriptions which is not helpful at all to me XD 
As you can see in the picture below, this Skin Food Black Sugar Mask comes in a plastic tub, like a very cute ice-cream tub I shall say. It has an additional separate cover inside as well, I guess for extra protection against the external environment and against spillage. Skin Food Black Sugar Mask is not the typical liquidy-paste type of mask. It is a thick paste of sugar granules which is not runny at all. Imagine yourself mixing a lot of sugar with honey until it becomes a heavily condensed paste? Well, that is how this mask/scrub looks like. There was no spatula provided by Skin Food upon purchase tub was not even in a box. So, if you are the squeamish type and too worried about bacteria build-up, you might want to use your own spatula when scooping out this Black Sugar Mask. I only use my fingers because I scrub my face right after bath, which means I have clean fingers when scooping the mask out ;) Oh yes, I don't share products that I scoop out with my fingers either, just to be safe. 
In the above picture, you can see how this Skin Food Black Sugar Mask looks like on skin. I prefer using it as a scrub (as told by the SA at Skin Food AEON Bukit Raja, this is a scrub) and I only used it as a mask for once. If used as a mask, it stays put on the face until we remove it. I enjoy scrubbing my face with this marvelous Black Sugar Mask because the sugar granules melt! I also have to be careful not to scrub too hard at the beginning because sugar granules can be a bit harsh to the skin especially if you are the sensitive type. However after a few circular rubbing motion, the sugar melts and scrubbing hard won't give a pain to my skin. After scrubbing, my face feels so smooth and polished, and that is why I super love this Skin Food Black Sugar Mask. It does not sting my skin after use, it does not cause any redness or breakouts, the sugar granules melt and it left my skin super smooth with a squeaky clean feel to it. I also noticed an instant brightening effect on my skin after I scrubbed my face with this, where it left my skin looking fresh and glowing. The only thing I wish could be different from the fact is the smell of this Skin Food Black Sugar Mask. Some reviews I read said they love the smell, but I found that it has a very strong lemon scent that it resembles lemon flavor dishwashing liquid. Trust me I know the smell is very similar because I love washing the dishes and my favourite dishwashing liquid is lemon scented XD anyhow, the smell is not bad or pungent so it has to be my personal preference. I thought black sugar products would smell sweet like something sugary, I did not expect a lemon scent at all :p 

Overall, this Skin Food Black Sugar Mask is a worth buying mask slash scrub. You can get two functions of buying this product after all so it would be great to your pocket if you are not a hoarder. I really recommend this product and I found myself putting it in my favourite product list ^_^ Now if you ask me, what is my favourite beauty routine? I would answer "I cannot wait to scrub my face using Skin Food Black Sugar Mask!". 

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask (wash off)
Use as mask and/or scrub
Use twice a week
100ml per tub

*Disclaimer : Product was bought using my own money. I am not affiliated or paid to do this review and opinions are honestly 100% based on my experience as a user.

Care to tell me what is your favourite face scrub? Share with me!

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  1. I love Skinfood mostly because of the wash-off masks actually and this is one of the earliest product that I tried from the brand. After the Black Sugar Perfect First Serum was released, yeah.. this one is kinda fall to lower ranking among best sellers... hehe but then, once I discovered its sister product, the Strawberry version, I didn't go back to this one as it's slightly harsh for me. You should totally try the Rice wash-off mask as well. You'll love it!
    Interesting review! haha :D Now that I think of it, I guess you're right on that part where it smells like dish-washing detergent!
    Mira |

    1. yeah babe I read your review about the strawberry version I wish I can try it too! okay, I will look forward to get the rice wash off mask after this, saw quite a review on it as well. Hahahaha now you know how I feel about the scent to this product XD

  2. okay i might ask my fren to get for ne when sge go korea next.... i tried klairs adi.. first impressions jys normal.. ill try again?. still love linden leave, is that obe u about to review?

    1. Linden Leaves products are most of the time top notch, cant disagree with that ;) I wish I can compare this with Klairs as they both are black sugar but I dont have Klairs and I already vowed not to buy new products until I finish what I have so that will have to wait I guess? Oh, the one I said to review soon is a cleanser gel with beads, not a full scrub product. Wait for it ;)

  3. I used to love scrubs for the face and frequently used very rough scrubs because they just felt like they were helping me scrape off all that dirt and oil but lately my face has become very sensitive against abrasive formulas that I can't use them anymore on this area.
    Now, I only use scrubs for the body and try to use ones that actually dissolve with water like salt and sugar scrubs. I completely stopped using anything containing nut or shell particles due to their extreme abrasiveness.
    Nice review, Mieza! I do like the Skin Food brand and remember being very excited when they first opened up here.

    1. thanks for dropping by dear ^_^ hmm, talking about sensitive skin over scrub, i found my skin tingling like mad if i put the vitamin C serum after scrubbing. so far in my life i havent used much face scrubs yet, coz i tend to take quite a long time to finish one scrub. but i always avoid if i know the scrub is too harsh (from reviews) ;)

  4. Dan seperti biasa, review Mieza tak pernah mengecewakan! Tak tahu kat Seremban ni ada ke tak Skin Food. gonna try it soon!

    1. hehe terima kaseh puji kita XD hurmm kita baru usha website Skinfood Malaysia, store list dia tulis ada satu outlet kat Jusco Seremban 2 ^_^

    2. See. Jusco S2 tu berkurun tak pergi. Serius. Duduk rumah jeee. haha. Nak pergi usha nanti! :p

    3. kita duduk melaka lagilah tak pegi jusco s2 :p hehehe


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