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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! Special thanks to Syaza from Bloobs. Blurbs. II for nominating me in this Versatile Blogger Award :) So before I start with my task, here are the rules for Versatile Blogger Award :

  • Thank the nice fella who gave you this award ;)
  • Include a link to their blog
  • Select 15 blogs/bloggers you've recently discovered/followed regularly. 
  • Nominate these 15 to the Versatile Blogger Award
  • Tell the person who nominated you with 7 things about yourself
I'm gonna start with 7 things about myself ^_^ Syaza, here they are XD

1. I want to learn horse-riding, gun shooting, fencing and combat practices. Money please roll to me XD
2. Gaining ideal weight is very hard for me as I usually lose weight in a blink of an eye.
3. I wish to lead a dangerous life, preferably armed to the teeth and not without a set of bow and arrows.
4. I don't wanna do bungee jumping no matter what, but sign me up for skydiving.
5. I have a phobia towards animal carcasses. Especially those with ants and maggots. 
6. I love reading fantasy novels, especially about assassins, dragons and fairies.
7. I always seem to have trouble sleeping. 

Well, I know some of the above sounds unreal but that's me, always loving the fictions, the impossibles, the not-suitable-for-woman things. Some of the above made me happy, my type of escapism ;) I think I should look at this list again five years from now and see if anything can be crossed off or removed. I hope I will achieve at least 3 items in a good way :p 

I hereby nominate these marvelous earthlings to the Versatile Blogger Award :

1. Scha Nazri :
3. Nadheera Kassim :
4. Shini Lola :
5. Syafiqah Rusli :
6. Syafiqah Hashim :
10. Farisha Nadia :
11. Innanie Ariffin :
12. Anfaal Dhiyana :
13. Shivani Balraj :
15. Koey Leow :

Can't wait to see your posts!!

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  1. Oh, I've always wanted to do bungee jumping and skydiving?? YES!!!
    Not without set bow and arrows? Sure!!! Let's live in The Hunger Games movie!!! Hehe
    Thanks babe for this interesting post and congrats!
    Love, Mira |

    1. thank you Mira! Well, I'm not entirely sure that I want to live in THG but the woods in the story, yes XD

  2. Aaaa, thanks miezaaa! Insya-Allah, nak buat tag ni! :p

    1. sama-sama Scha! Hehe, tak sabar nak baca your post!

    2. Dahh post! ehheeh. Thanks mieza!

    3. yeayyy seronoknya baca! Scha yang first buat tau, bestnya! thanks sebab menyambung tag ni dear ^_^

  3. Lately ni ada insomnia. Tak boleh tidur malam. kalau tidur pun, pukul 4 pagi :(

  4. We should trade no 2 LOL! If only hahahaha.

    No 4 yessss. I tried somethingg similar to bungee jumping and i am not sure whether to experience the near death feel all over again hahaha!

    1. hahaha many people wishes they can trade no.2 with me XD

      i just dont feel like doing that jump. i dont have that chronic fear for heights though. basically bungee jumping and skydiving has one similar thing, which is falling down from a great height but i prefer the freedom of skydiving. i dont wish to be tied and let gravity pull me down XD

  5. I donno if you've seen the movie divergence and of course katniss everdeen...sometimes i wish to be as fearless as them..exactly like you said in no3..wouldnt it be so much fun!

    1. Divergent yes!! Omg I super love Tris but I think her character was not so strong at the beginning and I feel like if I were to be in that movie, I surely will be a Dauntless born XD i think i have problem staying dormant and demure.

  6. I do wanna try bungee jumping of course!! apa tah lagi Skydiving ! Count me IN!! hehee.
    Btw, Thank you for selecting pika, mieza! I will update this tag soon! In Shaa Allah..
    Thank you :)

    1. fuyyoo salute la Pika nak buat bungee jumping, Mieza takut nak terjun bungee tu so kalau Pika buat Mieza tolong tengok jelah, hehe! Skydiving mahal harga seribu lebih so kenalah menabung demi impian ni, kan best kalau boleh buat Butterfly Skydiving kan?

      Ok you are welcome sayang, tak sabar nak baca Pika punya post ^_^

  7. Awwh thanks for the nomination babe! Loved how you mentioned the skydiving thing; sounds like tons of fun! ;) <3

    1. you're welcome dear ^_^ thanks for doing it too, you rock! Haha I really wanna do that skydiving thingy, but have to work hard first to pay for it ;)

  8. You seem to love the life of an adventure haha. Thanks for the nomination dear, I will write it as soon as I have time :D

    1. yes I really love adventurous life, maybe because it is the influence of all the adventure books i read since i was small, hehe ;) i dream of living a traveler's life, always exploring new place and immersing myself in different cultures, explorations and adventures! okay babe, cant wait to read your post ^_^


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