Life Update : 2014 Last Archery Game

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! Hopefully everyone reading this is interested to know about my passion for archery, hehe! Yeah yeah, I am not the 24/7 stay-at-home type of human. I love outdoor activities but my movements are a bit restricted due to my parents' rules, unless I am not at home :p I have been immersing myself in archery classes since 2012. It started as a co-curriculum subject and I volunteered to be the vice (as usual, president was a guy). It went superbly well, I fell in love with archery more than I ever imagined but I never got to go further than the walls of UiTM because it seemed like I started a bit late (not since school) and I don't have the capital to equip myself with a professional set. I am lucky that my father gave me a set of wooden recurve bow, which is exactly as used in my co-curriculum class, mostly used by beginners.
I then developed my confidence by joining the inter-faculty archery competitions, and also inter-college competitions held by UiTM Shah Alam and UiTM Jengka. Every semester, I'll be there. My first game in semester 2, I scored 5th place, no medal. Then the next semester I scored my first gold for team event at UiTM Jengka. In semester five I scored third for individual event in UiTM Shah Alam and recently I was called again to UiTM Shah Alam to take part in individual and team event, and alhamdulillah, I scored gold and silver for both. I think I ended 2014 with a bang, what more with my convocation day drawing nearer and I still managed to collect a few "points" before I get crowned as an official alumni, hehe!
If you're wondering why I chose archery, please be reminded that this has nothing to do with The Hunger Games or Katniss Everdeen. I fell in love with archery since before I read The Hunger Games in 2008. I am really grateful that god gave me the opportunity to learn archery for free in UiTM and be good in it. Archery taught me to be patient, composed and focused. You get good body stance if you do well, and you practice it, I'm not kidding. I used to be so skinny and slumping my way in and out till my mom get so pissed off looking at my posture. Archery's discipline changed that. Aside from learning and participating in competitions, I also have experiences teaching archery to beginners in schools and college around KL/Selangor. I helped my coach to be her part-time coach assistant whenever I have free time.
Maybe I'll think and discover about setting up a business to open an outdoor archery range for public. All these while in Malaysia, archery is not that famous yet. All I can see is the super-mini archery ranges in shopping malls, sad-looking outdoor archery place with hefty entrance ticket, and traditional/horseback archery classes at secluded places with again, expensive price. What I learned and practice here is the Olympic format archery. The equipment, the rules and regulations. I just never practiced the Olympics archery shooting distance (up to 70m for female and 90m for male) because it requires years of constant training and the need to own a professional archery set that costs more than RM7k.
please don't ask why I dont get all 6 arrows in the yellow circles (T_T) this was only 10m distance. I am so bad in short distance archery, I always do exceptionally well in long distances only. 

Hey, congratulations and thank you very much if you made it till this last paragraph, hehe! Actually the main reason I typed this post out is because I am feeling a bit depressed at the moment, and I don't know why I am feeling it either. So, the only non-messy way to de-stress is to write about my archery story because playing with makeup will make things messier and I don't wish to do it past 12am :p

Have you tried archery? Leave me your thoughts about archery, I'd love to know!

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