Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta Extract 300 Review

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! I'm going to introduce you to a supplement that was given to me by HiShop. Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta Extract 300 is a dietary supplement made in New Zealand. True to its name, this softgel type supplement is made purely of sheep placenta, which makes it of genuine quality unlike some other placenta supplements which might be a mixture of something else. For Muslim readers who are keen to know whether it is halal to consume sheep placenta or not, I cannot answer your question in depth as I am no scholar nor scientist who did experiments on this matter. When I first consumed this I admit that I did not thought of it to be harmful in any ways and I stand by not having any doubt on the supplement. Now I found that some people said Muslims can't consume this because it is from a placenta (please don't ask me, I don't know how to explain), some said it can be used externally only (as ointment, serum for skin, etc) and one organization from NZ said that the extraction of placenta for their supplement does not harm the sheep and its baby thus they received Halal status from FIANZ. So, I guess in the end it is up to you and your faith to consume it. 
Now that I've cleared out the most important part for my Muslim readers, let us move to the specifics of Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta Extract 300 okay ;) Each soft-gel contains 300mg of Ovine Placenta and should be consumed as a dietary supplement. You can take 1-3 soft-gels per day, depending on your need or interest to see its result (fast/slow). This Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta Extract 300 is approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia, so no need to worry of harmful ingredients then. Due to its nature as a premium placenta supplement, Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta Extract 300 must be stored below 25 degree Celcius. 
After consuming Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta Extract 300, I noticed that it stopped my skin from getting more zits. During the course of consuming it, I did not get any pimples which has been my main skin concern, and my dry skin problem due to acne medication has healed as well. I also did not experience a very painful period pain. Usually I can rate the pain as 8/10 but when I got my period during consuming Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta Extract 300 I would say the pain I experienced was at scale 3/10. When I stopped consuming Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta Extract 300, I get back my hormonal zits (PMS) and that's all. So I can conclude that this supplement helped me in halting the growth of zits, relieving dry patches on skin and reducing period pain. I did not see any other improvements on my skin, and since I am quite healthy with no other worrying health concerns I am not eligible to tell other effects it give on my health.
That being said, in my opinion Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta Extract 300 is a premium category of supplement that you can buy if you are looking for placenta-type supplement that strictly has no other ingredients in it. It does not have any bad smell so consuming will be a piece of cake. 

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  1. waah pure sheep placenta, no wonder it's so pricey

    Najlaa 'Aqilah

    1. yeah babe, the ingredient speaks for its price XD

  2. I bought sheep placenta but in cream when I was in Australia... but errmm... pills? hehehe... seems like a great idea.... but... it is pricey....huhuhu


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