Collection Cosmetics Malaysia Launches Urbanista Lip Crayons and Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit

Monday, December 08, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! 

Ladies out there, have you found the perfect lip colour that gives you an all in one benefit? It is astonishingly moisturizing, it glides on smoothly like a dream, it gives a soft yet glossy finish that you forget the existence of lip gloss, it has a superb staying power, it gives full coverage like what you wish the telco could always provide, and it feels airily lightweight that you forgot you have a layer of colour on your lips? 
If yes, you are definitely on the right page as what I'm gonna introduce in a short while is exactly as mentioned above and it comes with extra points ---> not so expensive and practical. Hehehe! Lets welcome the Urbanista Lip Crayon by Collection Cosmetics Malaysia, yeayyy!!! These babies come in 8 shades to match Asian skin tone and yes ladies, the Urbanista Lip Crayon is Asia exclusive only. You can't find it in the UK or US. 
Collection Cosmetics knows that lip crayon is now a big hit among Asian women, thus they decided to come up with this Urbanista range. From my observation, the shades are leaning towards red, pink and orange tones. No blues or purples here, which is relevant considering we Asians don't really sport blue or purple lips unless for those worshipping the radiant orchid on their head in honor of 2014 XD I have swatched all 8 shades prior to the official release of this Urbanista Lip Crayon and posted it on Instagram and Facebook, which made my friends running to Watsons :p I'm glad that the price for this Urbanista Lip Crayon is super affordable, which is RM24.90 each. 
indoor swatch, artificial light

outdoor, natural lighting

Let me introduce you to the names of these Urbanista Lip Crayon, along with my personal and not so professional description of colour :

Red tones:
1. City Belle- dark,brownish red.
5. Urban Angel- true red. that red, RED. got it?
6. Dashing Diva- fuschia red.
8. After Hours- orangish red. close to flaming red I shall say

Pink tones:
3. Ms.Metropolis- vibrant, fuschia-like pink
4. Bella Fortuna- reddish pink
7. Weekend Wild- bubblegum pink

Orange tones:
2. City Slicker- true orange

I have 6 out of 8 shades, but I'm thinking to get the other 2 shades I don't have (Bella Fortuna and Urban Angel), just to make myself a mad collector XD tell me if you want a detailed review + individual swatches of each colours okay? The above swatches I made was just for the sake of telling its arrival, I didn't remember to note down which shade is which. One thing I can tell you, the red shade I tried (can't remember either Dashing Diva or City Belle) was uber pigmented and it stays till I remove my makeup at home, pheww!
please click to enlarge picture, and see the real colours :) this pic is unedited, indoor light.

Aside from the Urbanista Lip Crayon, I'm happy to announce that Collection Cosmetics too came up with another palette for the eyebrows! Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit is a purse sized eyebrow shaping palette as you can see in the image below. There are 3 pans with eyebrow powder for shaping and filling in your eyebrows. They have light brown, cocoa brown and dark brown coloured powder to help you out. After you're done with the powders, set it all up with their Clear Brow Mascara (also included in the palette) for a long staying power. There is a tiny dual-ended brush to be used with the powders, one with standard eyeshadow brush bristles and the other end is a slanted bristles cut. Oh yes, a mini mirror is also attached inside the palette so that you can apply/touch up on the go ;) 

In conjunction with the launch of these two fabulous new products, Collection Cosmetics Malaysia also announced the winners for their Collection LookBook contest. Participants were required to post their most creative picture styling themselves with attires and makeup according to the weekly theme. The contest was publicly held on Instagram, and the themes were Candy Crush, Gorgeously Sweet, Glamour Glitz and Rocker Chic. 4 winners were selected based on each theme and they bagged home RM800 worth of Collection Cosmetics makeup products, wardrobe by F Block boutique stores, a Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone worth RM800 and they were also invited to a LookBook party with the brand ambassador, Nelydia Senrose.
winners of Collection LookBook contest with Nelydia Senrose, brand ambassador

last but not least, the shy me and Mr.Teddy :p

I had fun experimenting and working with colours with Collection Cosmetics Malaysia ^_^ I am in process of testing all 6 colours of Urbanista Lip Crayon that I got, and I am also practicing with the new Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit to get a perfectly shaped eyebrow. I will update you all in another post on how well these products perform okay? Stay tuned!

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  1. I'm eyeing the eyebrow kit much are those babe?

    1. the promo price is RM33.90 as mentioned on fb :)

  2. Sounded promising but dont look like colours I would wear..

    1. yeah they kinda limit the shades for this range. the colours are all so spring-y

  3. Oooh, the lip crayons look good! But I already have way more lip products than I can use up.... lol

    1. girl problem, has 100 lippies at home yet still wanna buy the entire new collection XD

    2. agree! then, bile stress, sit down and belek2 semua lipstick and main swatch. hmm.. stress la, ok nk main lipstick. hehehe

    3. *high 5* i think we buy a lot tu lebih kepada untuk dijadikan stress reliever rather than nak pakai different colours every day when going out, hahaha XD

  4. Wah~the colours looks so summer-ish! so bright! But I definitely wana check out that brow kit!

    1. ada je yang tak bright after i personally used them on my lips ;) maybe reserved for the shy ones? taknak nampak too outstanding on the lip color, hehe


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