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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! I’m back with another review of a very private service, hehe! How many of you are keen to get your hairy body parts waxed? It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl, coz at Bubble Gum Wax they can do it all without any gender discrimination. Smooth is their undercover name, as the process and the outcome is nothing but smooth and super smooth! I actually have been to Bubble Gum Wax Hartamas twice before this and now that they’ve opened another branch at Casa Tropicana, I can’t sit down and just relax. Since I don’t wanna put my trust to many hands when it comes to this secret business, I went to Bubble Gum Wax at Casa Tropicana to experience their awesomeness, hehe!

Thanks a lot to Tammy from The Butterfly Project for this rare opportunity ;) When I arrived at Bubble Gum Wax Casa Tropicana, I was in awe. I have a thing for outlets that uses brick walls as their main design (sorry I don’t speak architecture or building design) and Bubble Gum Wax Casa Tropicana looks so chic and marvelous! I like this new concept, it is refreshing and just so perfect for us especially ladies to strut in style (I’m talking selfies and OOTDs) while getting the unwanted hairs off!

Let’s see the ambiance of this new wax parlour of Bubble Gum Wax. The space is small but cosy, and the lighting is so romantic because they use the orange bulb instead of the usual white lighting. There are about 5 private rooms inside to accommodate customers. During the event, I was deemed unfit to to do a Brazilian wax so they rescheduled me to come back after 2 and a half weeks. So when the time comes for me to do my Brazilian later, all I can say is that the service was absolutely quick and clean. This is why I come back to Bubble Gum Wax, their waxperts are very professional (and chatty too!). They certainly knows best on how to make customers feel welcomed, comfortable and informed about everything they’re gonna undergo. To me, Brazilian wax is not that painful. The waxpert who attended to me, Wendy, always told me when to breath in and breath out while she's doing her job. The normal procedure is they will ask you if you wanna go to the loo first. Then the waxpert will bring you to the procedure room and tell you to lie on the bed first (and if you are needed to take off your pants if you are doing Brazilian, bikini line or leg waxing) before she came again to start the waxing/IPL process. First timers? Don’t worry, you won’t have the time to feel shy or afraid, I assure that you’re in good hands if you come to Bubble Gum Wax to have your forests stripped ;) do get their post-wax cream, it works as a soothing and moisturizing cream to care for your skin after waxing or IPL. I am secretly in love with this cream because it is so cooling and it definitely left my skin moisturized and happy ^_^ oh, there is also male waxperts to attend to male customers.

The waxing services at Bubble Gum Wax include the conventional hard wax and soft wax, IPL treatment and post wax treatments. This is their menu page for your perusal, it includes all available services for men and women. Since Bubble Gum Wax Casa Tropicana is newly opened, they’re having a promotional price for everyone, yeayy!
  • RM29 brazilian wax and RM59 boyzilian wax for all new and existing customers (only at Casa Tropicana branch : opening special)
  • Valentine promo RM99 nett for a pair
  • Refer a friend for 15% off your next treatment

It is quite easy to find this new Bubble Gum Wax outlet at Casa Tropicana. If you’re going, it is a bit further ahead after Tropicana Grande condominium. Casa Tropicana is actually a condo as well, and Bubble Gum Wax is located on the first floor, above Bianco Salon. So, shove away all your doubts and worries, try waxing at Bubble Gum Wax and I hope you’ll always come back to them like I do ;) Don’t miss their current promo okay!

Bubble Gum Wax
B-1-5 Casa Tropicana
Jalan Persiaran Tropicana
Tropicana Golf & Country Resort
47410 PJ

Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Friday : 11am-8pm
Saturday-Sunday : 11am-6pm

For Booking or Inquiries:
Casa Tropicana outlet:
call +603-78870669
sms +6012-5573266

Plaza Damas outlet:
call +603-62115038/39
sms +6012-5420662

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  1. akak sampai sekarang ye tak berani nak buat! hahahahah malu~

    1. ahaha kita faham kak, benda ni bukan semua orang have the guts to do. kita pun malu gak XD

  2. I am due to have a free wax at Strip but something keeps holding me back yet.... huhuhu

    1. and what is it? hehe, go do it fast ;) cant wait to read your experience pula ^_^


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