My 2015 Skincare Routine

Friday, February 27, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! This post was crafted after I read Wiida's post about her 2015 Favourite Spa Beauty Products. I feel the need of following her footsteps in writing such post because :
  • i can't spend so much to buy new things while my stash is overflowing and underused
  • i feel the need to share with you all about my favourites and my repeated purchases
Being a full time working professional now, I admit that I feel the need to wear makeup every day. It is not to gain attention (duhh~) but it is a woman's thing to feel pretty and happy. I am comfortable with my own skin, I do go out without makeup nowadays but to work, I prefer presentable than plain ;) wearing makeup everyday needs me to take proper, meticulous care of my skin. Okay you can actually skip meticulous but me being myself, I like things to be thorough and knowing that I practice it makes me feel safe and happy. One don't actually need everything I list down here, it's more to my personal preference :)

Facial cleansing products
My go-to makeup removing products would be cleansing wipes and cleansing water. I have long been in love with Guardian's facial cleansing wipes but since I've talked about it then I'm not gonna repeat it here. Now I'm currently trying Purederm Argan Oil makeup remover cleansing towelettes that I got from Watsons at RM9.90 per pack. The wipe is large, it removes my makeup well but extra effort is needed for eye makeup, so I usually pour a few drops of Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Eye Makeup Remover on the wipe to remove my waterproof mascara and eyeliner. If I wore heavy makeup, then I'll start with Biore Perfect Cleansing Water as this one is a god when it comes to makeup removing. I say it is as good as Bifesta Cleansing Water (my other favourite).

When I have to use cotton pads with makeup removers and toners, my go to would definitely be Watsons side sealed facial puffs. This is the perfect cotton pads that does not disintegrate upon wiping, and guaranteed no cotton streaks left on your face. I have been using countless of boxes of this. 3 times a week, I will use a special cotton pad from The Face Shop for exfoliating (used along with my toner). It is the Green Tea Stone Therapy cotton pad, and it is not as harsh as Etude House's Wonder Pore Cotton Glove (this one is really painful on my skin). I am a cotton pad freak by the way, I love buying and trying different variants of them ;)

For facial cleansers, I'm quite lucky that my skin is quite immune to lots of them. Nothing much like a bad reaction over cleansers ever happened anyway except for dryness. I am now using Borneo Soap series as my facial cleanser. Since I am battling acne, I use Dabai Sarawak facial bar and for days where I'm staying at home and not using any makeup, I use Beras Bario Facial bar. So far, these two has been working great on my skin, and they never cause any dryness or tight feeling on my skin upon use. Love em!

Toner, serum, moisturizer

This is the skincare step that I have to admit that I'm very lazy to keep up with. Unmotivated at times due to tiredness XD I use my trusted Oxy Powder Lotion as toner, followed by the Illuminating Essence by Neesya Skincare, and then the amazing Neuxellence Jeunesse serum by Nuxe. As for moisturizers, I'm skipping from one to another as I have a truckload of them. What I'm using now are the Egyptian Magic Cream (before sleep), Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream (before going to work), and ocassionally I use Clinique's DDML+ and Moisture Surge when I am travelling and also L'Occitane Angelica Hydra Vital Gel and Cream when I'm in my hometown on weekends. These are all very good moisturizers and I really recommend them if you are looking for one :)

Mask & Exfoliator

I am also a mask collector. Sometimes I just bought them for the sake of feeling intrigued and later I only use them for a few times. I regret such impulsive buys XD as per now I am focusing on hydrating masks because my skin is very dry in the inside, making it produce more oil than normal. The only hydrating mask that I won't mind to have in my entire life is the Multiberry Yogurt Pack from Laneige. It smells so sweet, very cooling on my skin and it left my skin super supple and soft after use. It is quite light like a gel consistency when spread on skin. As for skin exfoliator, I have long skipped harsh beaded scrubs because I know that it doesn't do good to my skin. So I am now enjoying the comfort of rubbing Silky Renewal Gel from Shizens on my face every 3 days. So far, it left my skin feeling silky smooth after use (just like its name!) and visibly less clogged pores :)

These are all what I can think of to include right now as I don't want to overwhelm the length of this post. I hope that my sharing is helpful, and feel free to comment if you have anything to ask regarding what I'm using ^_^


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  1. ah~ this is the kind of post that I can't just NOT click it when I saw in my feeds.
    when it comes to cleansing water, I'm actually kinda curious when exactly do you use it? As for me, I use it after using facial foam, and then rinse as a final step in cleansing. but then, I saw other beauty blogger use it as a first step in cleansing, and then proceed with cleansing cream or balm or oil then proceed with cleansing foam. This is the case when wearing heavy makeup I should say.
    Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack. How could you not fall in love with it? I'm swoon after trying few samples and running happily to buy them few months ago. haha sounds so dramatic am I?
    My friend suggested me to try the oil-free moisturiser from kiehls but as I tried some samples for TheFaceShop Sebum Control Moisture Cream, I honestly wavering right now. heeee
    thanks dear for sharing! I'm looking to try a powder pact that suit my medium, yellow undertone skin. so far I'm loving my Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder in Dark Beige. it's hitting pan so I'm not sure whether to take this opportunity to go and repurchase or try another product.
    xx, Mira |

    1. Thanks for loving this post dear! I use cleansing water as a first step coz its use is to remove makeup. Then i double check with facial cleansing wipes, and proceed with foam cleanser. Its either this step or i start with cleansing balm then facial cleanser. I havent bought any new powders as i have many of them but i am eyeing Bourjois silk edition and Catrice matte powder. Lets see if i get to buy them soon :D

  2. Mieza's obsession with cotton pads. And yeahhhhh... the Shizens Silky Renewal gel is the bomb! Love that product

    1. Yeah babe the cotton pad obsession happens because most of my bucket list are dangerous XD the silky renewal gel will be my must have, kena beli lagi bila habis ;)


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