Life Update : Out of Comfort Zone, Again.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! I have been slacking on updates again. Part of it is because I was busy running back and forth from Melaka to KL and part of it is because as per now, I don't have internet connection at home yet, I have to wait for a few more days before Unifi is installed at my new rental house. 

Well here's a good news. I am finally employed ^_^ yeah this is gonna be my first professional occupation since I graduated. I am thrilled and nervous at the same time. I hope that my first job will be sweet, and I hope that I'll be really good in whatever I do. I also am in the middle of planning whether to continue my master or not. Offer letters has arrived and now I'm cracking my head to think of another big decision. Working and studying at the same time? Whew!

It is hard when I am leaving my family again. No, I am not running away from my family house. There is not many opportunity to get a job that suits my qualification in my hometown, so KL here I come. I wish I have that magic tent like in Harry Potter so I don't have to worry much about getting a proper house to rent on my own and then master the concealing spell so no Muggles or witch or wizards or Dementors can invade my privacy XD well, I'm gonna miss my cat Bob very much. I don't know how life would be without him, it must be painful. I'm gonna miss the comfort of home, where mom is always there to help me with anything and everything, where dad is always there to bring me anywhere I want to go, where my little sisters are always there to create a huge mess for me to clean up. 

Well I guess this is not the time to feel sad or down. It's time to move forward and be clear with my decisions. I am an adult now *in denial adult, to be exact* and I have to be more serious about building up my life, my career and map out my plans for future undertakings. Ok, I don't know what else to write. I'll come back when I have more interesting things to share :) thanks for reading! Bear with my lack of updates at the moment okay?

please allow Master Bob to man this site while I get my jumbles of mess sorted out okay?

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  1. Congrats on your job, and all the best in your new environment! ^^

  2. Replies
    1. thank you Najlaa, good luck practical training ya ;)

  3. good luck my dear adik! rumah akak dekat anything bgtau...

    1. thank you kak nanie, bila nak bawak kita makan tempat best? hehe!

  4. good luck on your job!
    welcome to the 'adult' world :P

    1. thank you Anis ^_^ yeah, adult world where shit gets real XD


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