Chu Lip Carnival

Friday, February 06, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! I still remember the day I first saw Chu Lip lip balms sold at a drugstore while I was waiting for my bus at TBS. At first I thought it was EOS due to the similarity of round packaging. I wanted to buy it but thinking of my shrinking wallet and overflowing stash of lip balms, I put it back on the rack and only ended up posting a picture of it on Instagram and Facebook to announce to my friends. I couldn’t stop thinking about the colourful and round packaging as it looks so beautiful and cute, so when I was invited to Chu Lip Carnival pretty recently, I absolutely couldn’t bring myself to say no ;)

When I entered the Oak Room at Nexus Bangsar where the carnival was held, it was so merry, just like a really fun carnival. Everyone and everything looks so colourful, and there were clowns, balloons and Harajuku girls attending to the guests. At Chu Lip Carnival, guests were introduced to all 4 types of Chu Lip lip balms in Pink, Red, Purple and Green through 5 different games. The games were Ping Pong Ball Toss, Ring Toss, Bushel Basket Toss, Can Knockdown and the Penny Pitch. For each successful games, guests were awarded with tokens in form of the sparkling new Chu Lips! There was also a Guess The Chu Lips amount in a jar where lucky guests with the correct or closest guessed amount win attractive prizes.

It was ultimately a fun day. I enjoyed playing the games, winning 2 Chu Lips and meeting many friends there. Now I really can’t wait to peel open my Chu Lip packaging and try them ^_^ There are 4 colours of Chu Lip packaging. The Pink Chu Lip is of raspberry & peach flavor. The Green Chu Lip is of orange, lime and mango flavour. The Red Chu Lip is of  apple, ginger & tea rose flavour while the Purple Chu Lip is of rose, germanium and clover flavour. Each Chu Lip is priced at RM25.90 and is sold at major pharmacies nationwide. I saw some pharmacies are selling these cutie pie at discounted prices so hurry up and get it now okay?

Have you tried any Chu Lip? Tell me what you think about these dome shaped lip balms okay? Check out Chu Lip Malaysia facebook page for more details ;)

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  1. Bestnya dapat main game macam ni masa pergi event. I saw Chumps in the drugstore recently, seem a bit pricey though

  2. cantik gambar gambar... hehehe.... I likeee.......


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