L'Oreal Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation Review

Monday, October 17, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello! Living in a tropical climate country, my main makeup concern would be something that won't melt under the sun and won't make me look like a shiny disco ball by 12 noon. The hot and humid weather is truly a vicious enemy to makeup, what more when I am the person who mostly walks everywhere (hello sweat, and hot weather!).

I realised that L'Oreal came out with Mat Magique 12HR Bright Mat Foundation when my fellow blogger/Youtuber friend Izzati posted her haul and I was like "okay, I need to get this one" because one, I was under huge stress (working and studying, what do you expect) and I need makeup shopping as therapy before I go bonkers and two, I love trying new makeup! I'm my own lab rat, remember?

So I went to Watsons KLCC and bought one, after a swatching session while being babbled by my classmate who accompanied me because he thought that I was just wasting time in front of the makeup shelf XD

A bit of intro to this new L'Oreal Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation before I jump into my reviewing mode. It has the same formula that I recognised from its older sister Mat Magique Powder foundation (I used the powder before, finished it already and I loved that compact very much), which is the Volcanic Perlite Complex. L'Oreal claimed that this is the ingredient used to make the makeup stays matte throughout the day by its powerful sebum absorption ability. Suitable for all skin type, this L'Oreal Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation is also claimed by L'Oreal to be non-comodogenic. 

L'Oreal Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation comes in a 30ml tube and it's a straight up tube packaging which means it's easy to control how much product you wanna squeeze out. One thing I really like about this packaging is that it's small enough to fit in most bags hence, it's travel friendly to me :)

This is how the Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation looks like upon swatch, I am using shade N4 as my skin tone is quite tanned with yellow undertone. If I'm not mistaken, there are 5 or 6 shades available and I found that the darkest two tones are a bit orangey. I think N4 could be the 3rd or 4th darkest shade, but please don't take my word entirely coz I might be wrong.

I found that blending this foundation is only favourable when you use a brush or as Izzati said, use a beauty blender. I tried using my finger to see how it fares (if someday i need to re-apply makeup while I'm outside and I don't have a brush with me) but no, it doesn't work that way because of this foundation's consistency. L'Oreal Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation needs proper blending using a brush or a makeup sponge for you to look flawless with it. 

I have been using this L'Oreal Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation for one week straight, every day for work and I found that I am falling in love with this foundation. First of all, it really gives me a matte but not flat looking skin. On the box, it says semi-matte finish. It does not make me look too matte and boring on the skin, which is awesome because I have a small face and I need the dimension that this foundation is able to give as promised. 

After 4-5 hours, I started feeling a bit of oiliness on my face because hey, I have oily skin and it won't go away with makeup. However, the oiliness can only be felt when I touch my skin. It does not show obviously on skin when I looked into the mirror so, I only need to blot a bit after 2pm, which is good. After 8pm, I need to blot again but that's due to me walking here and there, in and out of aircond-outside environment so those kind of movements itself contribute to higher rate of skin oiliness. 

Coverage wise, my friend compliments that I look flawless when I was wearing this L'Oreal Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation. Truthfully, if you have acne scars (dark ones) you will need a layer of concealer and then the foundation to look flawless because that's what I did. If your skin is clear, then this foundation alone is enough. It feels lightweight on the skin too, sometimes I get worried after lunch because it feels like they're gone but when I look into the mirror, it's still there ^_^

Overall, at a price tag of RM38.90 at Watsons, I think this L'Oreal Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation is a good drugstore product that is worth buying. It delivers the promised benefits, it's averagely priced and it's also travel friendly. The downside would be their limited available shades. I don't think every skin tone in Malaysia can find a match so one might need to mix their foundation to get a perfect shade. Another downside that I realised would be the labelling on the tube. There is no shade label on the tube, so if you're buying more than one shades, you might need a permanent marker pen or a sticker label to differentiate the shades. At Watsons KLCC, I remember that they scribbled the shade code on the tube using a black marker. 

Thanks for reading and please drop a comment on what you think about L'Oreal Mat Magique 12H Bright Mat Foundation ^_^

Disclaimer : Product was bought using my own money. This post is an honest review and not sponsored by any parties. 

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  1. Akak suka Maybelline sbb dia mudah di apply. Tapi kadang utk kulit akak - dia boleh nampak cakey sikit :)

    1. kita pun ada masa ternampak cakey, xtau lah mana silapnya XD maybelline so far i'm good with the white superfresh liquid powder ^_^

  2. I loves makeup!
    tapi I malas nak makeup


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