HAUS, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Assalamualaikum, hey guys ! I'm kinda hungry right now so after rummaging through my pictures folder, i saw some mouth-watering images to share with you all ^_^ Well, i'm gonna make a review on a restaurant i went in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam before the semester break. Named HAUS, the restaurant serves various types of Malaysian cuisine and western dishes, along with fruit juices. in my opinion, the ambience of the restaurant was very cool and romantic. I like the way they decorate the interior and exterior as well. For your information, the restaurant provides two dining spaces, one closed area with aircond and fan, and another open area which suits people who loves the company of natural wind while eating. besides, there are also some musics on so that your dinner won't be dead silent as the graveyard :P besides what's already on the menu, Haus also offers a daily promotional set (1 dish + 1 drink), so you can actually save some money there ^_^ let's move to the pictures, and the food review!

the counter where they prepared the drinks

interior space : air-conditioned + fan, table of 6

some fancy lights ^_^

i like the framed picture so much :)
promotion of the day : food + drink set
grilled chicken chop + black pepper sauce

grilled lamb chop + black pepper sauce
we ordered grilled chicken chop (promotional set with lemon juice, RM9.90), lamb chop (RM14.90) and a large glass of mango juice. sincerely speaking, the lamb chop and the grilled chicken chop was among the best i ever tasted ! the meat was very very tender, no such thing as meat strips getting stuck on your teeth upon eating. the black pepper gravy was thick and moderately spiced. besides, you'll also find your plate loaded with coleslaw, baked baby tomatoes, garlic bread and potato salad (the potatoes were hidden under the meat in this picture). everything was very delicious, i would asked for more if my tummy was not already full, no joking :D personally, i love the potatoes very much, i wonder what recipe they used for it ? hehe~ the drinks, on the other hand, were okay. but i do hope they can improve it more so that it will be as excellent as the foods :)

mango juice (large glass) and lemon juice (small glass)

open dining space (no aircond)
a cute set outside the premise

*click at the picture below to go to their facebook page :)
HAUS, Pusat Komersil Seksyen 7 Shah Alam

another thing that i liked about HAUS is that the staffs there were very welcoming and friendly. there were not many customer yet when i arrived, and the staffs did come to my table for 2-3 times to ask whether i need anything more, and they also asked me if the food was alright, how does it taste and whether i have anything to comment about their cooking. i really enjoyed my dinner so much that day and all my exam stress went away. i obviously cannot wait to pay a monthly visit there as soon as the new semester starts this september ^_^

~my ratings~
western food : 4/5
drinks : 3/5
atmosphere : 4/5
price : 4/5

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  1. Hey, this looks good! I wanna try this one out!

  2. the foods mmg sedap, kalau i anak jutawan mmg nk mkn sana daily :P air je, kena improve lagi. tp i dtg sne masa dia baru seminggu bukak, so hopefully by now air diorg buat dh makin sedap ^_^

  3. Ni kat bhgn mane ek? Cari xjumpe pon

  4. sorry dear, kedai ni dah tutup bulan 10 tahun lepas. rugi dia tutup sebab IMO makanan dia sangat sedap and harga berpatutan.


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