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Monday, December 02, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello! 

I am a makeup lover, an addict I shall say. But sometimes I do not have the liberty to buy much of what I want because of money issue. Yeah, I'm living away from my family so I have to spend wisely in order to avoid being penniless at the wrong time, hehe~ When it comes to buying makeup, my top preference would be the ones with high quality but comes at a decent price tag. Oh come on, who doesn't love cheap/affordable items that are excellent in quality, right?

So because of that, SaSa is introducing us Malaysians to a new makeup brand in town that is also The Trendsetter Company, ARTDECO. A bit of introduction to ARTDECO here, if you don't mind? ^_^ It is a brand originating from Germany. They claim to be a giant market there for makeups, like in every 10 eyeshadow sold, 7 will be from ARTDECO. When I heard their vice president marketing, Ms. Anna Blasco said that, I was like "wow, this must be huge!". I can imagine makeup lovers all over Germany raving about their holy grail ARTDECO products, hehe~

From what Ms.Anna Blasco told us that day, ARTDECO is a brand that supports makeup personalization for each individual. Their products are catered to your WISH, NEED and your POCKET, for example their eye shadows. Normally eye shadows are sold in palettes that are not detachable right? Sometimes you only buy that palette because you like 6 out of the 12 colors. What happens to your not so preferred colors when you hit pan with your loved 6? It must be inconvenient to have to keep the palette in your stash and just wait till all the colors finish, right? So here comes ARTDECO, with a system that allows you to buy only the colors that you want and get the palette size that can fit it (palette for 2 shadows, 4 shadows, etc).

As I arrived there early, I got the liberty to go through all the makeup items displayed ^_^ the staffs were very friendly and they asked me sit at the vanity setting and help myself with all the makeups, awesome! I wish I came bare face so that I could do full makeup using the items, haha :p Feast your eyes!

After brand introduction, there was a makeup demo by ARTDECO's makeup artist Derek Grillo. The model was Amber Chia and Derek showed us two makeup looks, mild (soft, barely there makeup for day) and wild (intense, loud makeup for night/partying).

I had so much fun that night seeing the makeup demo, meeting my beautiful ladies there and of course, experiencing ARTDECO first hand before everybody else ^_^ You can get ARTDECO products at SaSa outlets all around Malaysia. I personally recommend you to try the lipsticks first, I love them to the max! The colors are very pigmented, it hydrates my lips (seriously no drying at all) and doesn't express fine lines. The lip gloss too, makes you look like a sparkling diva, hehe! Here's the items and price list for your reference. 

Makeup Base with Anti-Aging Effect - RM79.00

Clear Lash & Brown Gel - RM39.00
Eyebrow Pencil - RM29.00
Eye Brow Designer - RM49.00
Eyebrow Color Pen - RM39.00

Blusher - RM39.00
Mineral Baked Blusher - RM49.00

The Perfect Teint Concealer - RM59.00
Perfect Stick Concealer - RM49.00
Perfect Teint Illuminator - RM69.00

Kajal Eyeliner - RM29.00
Soft Eyeliner - RM39.00
Liquid Star Liner - RM39.00
Long Lasting Liquid Liner - RM39.00
Magic Eyeliner - RM49.00
Perfect Color Eyeliner - RM49.00

Mineral Powder Foundation - RM99.00
Long-lasting Oil-Free Foundation SPF20 - RM109.00
Rich Treatment Foundation - RM109.00
High Performance Lifting Foundation - RM129.00
High Definition Foundation - RM119.00
Sun Protection Powder Foundation - RM119.00

Eyeshadow Base - RM59.00
Refillable Eyeshadow - RM29.00
Mineral Baked Eyeshadow - RM39.00
Eye Designer Refill - RM39.00

Soft Lip Liner Waterproof - RM39.00
Perfect Color Lipstick - RM49.00
High Performance Lipstick - RM69.00

Glossy Lip Finish - RM49.00
Glamour Gloss - RM59.00
Lip Brilliance Long Lasting Lipgloss - RM59.00

All-in-one Mascara - RM69.00
Perfect Volume Waterproof Mascara - RM69.00
Magic Brush Mascara - RM69.00

Lash Booster - RM79.00
Lash Growth Activator - RM79.00

High Definition Compact Powder - RM99.00
Hydra Mineral Compact Foundation - RM109.00
Mineral Compact Powder - RM89.00
High Definition Loose Powder - RM99.00

Till then ;)

psst, how many of you want me to make a review on these ARTDECO babies I received? do comment!

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